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Vaporizers - HerbalAire

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JayJays, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. I did a quick search and was unable to find anything on the subject on vaporizers.

    I had smoked cigarettes and MJ for the 12 years and decided that the weasing and coughing had to end.

    Needless to say I quit cigarettes, problem was I was smoking 4 joints a day. I was still addicted to smoking.

    Long story short I began my search for a Healthy High.

    I found myself looking at vaporizers.

    from Vaporizer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I live near a large Canadian city and checked out their "Youngsterdam District" a twist on Amsterdam's legal stance on pot possession.

    You'll find head shops (stores that sell MJ accessories, papers, pies, bongs)
    A seed shop, where you can select from many a seed
    a little cafe/club, where if you pay for a membership (can't remember but it's cheap $). You can use their vaporizers. As the guy, who by the way is blitzed off his ass is explaining me the rules... don't ask anyone for pot....don't offer to sell pot to someone else...
    I'm rubbing my hand giddy with excitement
    I get into the room and see all the vaporizers

    I tried all of them some sucked and some really sucked

    By the end of my 3rd visit to the establishment, I had narrowed my favorites to The Volcano and the HerbalAire.


    Now, If you know look up anything on Vaporizers you see the Volcano, a machine that was designed to deliver all the taste and THC and good stuff, and on that it does not disappoint. On price, ouch big dollars, then bags to buy and the newer digital model.


    Same concept as Volcano, but cheaper. I've heard that before and tried it... and that's not vapor, if it combusts it has not been vaporized. The HerbalAire does what it's supposed to do, in fact you can take a used bud from a Volcano and still get a bag from the HerbalAire.

    I chose the HerbalAire and have not had any problems, in fact I've found that you can go to the supermarket and find the cooking bags that are made from the same plastic as herbalAire bags and cost 99 c . and fresh bags will give you a cleaner taste. If I had the extra money for the Volcano...I still would have bought the HerbalAire, it's just more versatile.

    Now I still love and use the Vaporizer a year later, but it has it's drawbacks...

    You can't take it with you - wires, pump, crucible....
    time consuming: set up, then wait for it to warm up, then wait until it fills the bag
    A one hitter takes you 10 minutes to get to
    You can use the whip but the vapor flow is a tease

    Unexpected benefits

    The vapor that comes out does not smell strong and goes away rather quickly
    ***If I just smoke from the vaporizer, the high is different... cleaner somehow... the next morning you aren't tired like you might be smoking bats all night. A head high, without the couch lock.

    ***I have experienced this myself and cannot guarantee that this is how you will be affected.

    So I still roll joints, smoke blunts, do blades, smoke bots, burn oil drops, hit the bong and smoke from the mighty peace pipe but when I have the time, I do enjoy the vaporizer. It's not the magic bullet, it's just another tool.

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