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Vaporizers - Experiences & the high..?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by G13, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Ok, well I'm picking this up this weekend (might be ordering offline):


    First and foremost - what's it like compared to other smoking devices? Is it less enjoyable? Maybe cleaner? More euphoria? I keep reading how it can be different than your normal bowl so I'm looking for a little detail.

    Second - Is the high more of a body high? That's what I've been reading. I can't say I've ever had a 200% body high, but.. is this desirable? Is a body high nice?

    I'm just looking into a few more aspects of it before I buy one. I know I'm getting a vaporizer. The ability to burn @ 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am in the dorms (no classes before noon :devious::D) without anyone smelling it, suspecting anything, hearing anything is invaluable and I plan on taking FULL advantage of this (By the way.. anyone else here vape in their dorms? Work well?) Thanks for any and all advice! I'm flying and I hope you all are too, night :smoke:
  2. My friend and I bought what is essentially a "box and whip" vaporizer a few weeks ago hoping it would smell far less than smoking.
    To our surprise it hardly smells at all, even when you exhale the vapor. Now as far as the high goes I'd say I like the high from smoking better.

    I think the high from vapes can be more intense only because generally you can vaporize a lot more than you can smoke in one sitting because your lungs can only take so much smoke. The taste may seem a little different or organic at first but you get used to it. Depending on the weeds you are using it can taste pretty damn good. I had some Lemon Diesel in a vaporizer and it tasted, well, like lemons!

    Personally, I like smoking better. But vaporizing definitely has its pluses.

    This is what our vape looks like, its a fairly cheap one at $85

  3. Not to sound like I'm an anal psycho but.. could you go into a little more detail? Like, let's say:

    A) A person who'd never really smoked in their life but has a friend that smokes and is *rarely* around when he does. (My room mate)


    B) A person who smoked all the time, 1-2+ times a day. (Me)

    ..these two guys are in the room/walk by and a little smell drifts out. Is it a completely different smell than the normal marijuana smell, and I mean completely different? When I was using the ghetto light bulb vaporizer I made, I held the lighter directly under the bulb where the ground herb was and waited, occasionally shifting it around. Slowly a smoke started to swirl up and when I stuck my straw in to take a hit it reeked. (I didn't use a pop bottle top, just the bulb and my hand to cover the end)

    Is this a LOT less smell leaking out we're talking about here? I just want to make SURE that whatever smell does get out it's not only minimal but as odorless as possible. Sorry for the paranoia.. but it tends to keep you safe more often than not :D
  4. i love the whip and box, you can taste your weed
  5. What about the smell though? When you exhale is it a thick cloud of vapor that has a smell to it, or is it really just some hot air with a hint of something?
  6. if u really want to eliminate the smell get some fresh mint put a little piece in there and it will cover it up . i got a volcano and use it like 10-15 times a day but it still smells like pot just not as strong. i dont get body high i get headdy highs from vaping. its not as filling and warm in your lungs something alot of smokers miss when they vape. if your next to a window u should be fine if not get a paper towel roll center and put alot of fabric softner(the little towels not the liquid) in the tube then exhale thu the tube. good luck vaping
  7. I love my vape. I got a vapor bros and man does it get me blown. Its def more of a head high and your first couple of times if succesful you will feel high for a good while. I dont get that feeling no more but i still enjoy vaping cuz it does get me high and its really low pro, shit doesnt smell at all. Your herbs will taste alot better too, kush taste bomb as fuck
  8. With the vape i use, theres NO smell, i would feel safe using it in my dorm w/ no sploof or towel under the door (and i live 2 doors away from the RA)
    (tho you should ALWAYS be safe)

    I like to smoke a bowl before i hit the vape tho, just cuz vaping doesnt feel like smoking, its more like....breathing cuz its sooo smooth
    Also it seems to make the high last longer
    The pipe helps give me the usual body feel, while vaping really gets my head up in the air, so hitting both is just a really incredible high
  9. I have a Hot Box vapo, whip-style vape, at first when i got it i liked the high i got first time i used it, then it was a learning curve (what amount to pack, inhaling all the vapor, etc) and I would say a good session compares to an intense (low tolerance) high from smoking. An advantage however is having a vape, you can get way more toasted by smoking a bit and vaping later. The effects also are about 4 min delayed with vaporizing than with smoking, so it's always a "creeper".
  10. I'm not a vape expert but from my experience this is what I've noted.

    In general, 3 'bowl' sessions or less with a vape produce a very nice very functional head high for someone whose smoked for a while. After that, its all hear say but my friend said he got amazingly body high several times off of bigger sessions (2 hours of vaping). I tend to notice that new smokers really like vaporizors because its not super smooth, it smells like pop-corn more than weed so theres less risk of getting caught and its not as overwhelming as being stoned off bong loads. A lot of my friends who were new to smoking feel that they could more easily gauge how high they wanted to be with a vape.

    Personally though, I perfer smoking to vaping. When I smoke I feel like I am doing something timeless, when I vape it feels artificial a little bit. That and fat bong rips are perhaps one of the most enjoyable sensory experiences.

    And yea, if your doing it right, no smoke. You could do this in your room with your parents right next door and they'd be none the wiser.
  11. vapes are great for just chilling and blazing, cause you can sit there and puff on it like a hookah and the high creeps up on you. and with little/no body high I don't even notice it really til i catch myself in some obviously stoned thought. i tend to space off then come to and realize how gone i am lol :smoke::smoke:
  12. Everyonce in a while my vaporizer smells when I exhale. It usually just depends on the strain of bud though. They are great though. I never really smoke mmuch any more. Just vaporize. Its good to get one that is not a hassel to use either. I have a vape gun but I never really use it because I have to plug it in and hold it all weird and shit. Im really lazy too though... I really like the vapor genie because I dont have to plug it in at all. I have a box and whip style one too but I rarley use it. Its fun every once in a while though. It is way better for sessions with friends.
  13. I haven't used that type of vape. I'm only familiar with box whips and volcanos. The one I had I used all day everyday. Parents home and everything. They don't smell to much unless you have the bud burning. Even then if you hold your hits you should be fine with smell, especially with a window or fan. No worries at all.

    The high is different. A vape is the only thing I've passed out on. I took my hit, held it and faded away. When I became conscious (30 sec?) I still had my eyes closed and I thought i was comfortably at home, possibly sitting in bed, and I open my eyes and was shocked before I remember I was at my friends house smoking kush out the volcano.

    The high really depends on the strain. Sativa or Indica, the different THC/Cannibanoids determine wither you have a rushing head high or heavy cough lock high. With that said, the high in general to me just feels 'cleaner'. It feels more focused than foggy.

    I always love to have a bong with me while vaping though. Theres no reason to stick to one type of smoking. Mixed sessions are the best. Blunts, Vapes and Bongs all around.

    I'd recommend going all the way with a volcano or zapezilla if you're looking for a serious commitment. If not then a Vapobros is you're next best bet. I like the non-handsfree one because the bud doesn't sit on the heating element as much but they're both great. They're great quality and have a good warranty. Wouldn't recommend anything else.
  14. I just got one from the local shop, it's the box whip kind. Thing takes some getting used to (first vape I've ever used :p), because you can't always tell when you're getting a hit. But besides that, I seem to feel a lot better after using it, compared to a pipe. I can take full breaths of air... usually with a pipe I can't :p.
  15. Most people I know smoke vapes differently. I ususally take a extremely slow steady breath till my lungs fill up. Takes a while. Then I hold it for 20~ sec. I feel immediately stoned, but it still has a creeper effect and it's not until after the session I realized how much I smoked and how fucked up I am.
  16. to the op, can you please pm the link for that vaporizer. thats the portable pocket size one right?

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