vaporizers bad for throat?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Bone Thugs, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. I want to buy a vaporizer because my lungs have become shit from the amount of weed I smoke. So I thought to save my lungs from cancer and reduce the amount of toxic shit going into my lungs a vaporizer would be a great plan. The Vapolution and vapor brother are the two im leaning towards so r these two choices good? Also, I heard that vaporizing is better for your lungs but is bad for your throat. Has anyone heard any truth to this or is it just not accurate.
  2. Nah vaporizers are 100% safe for lungs and throat.
  3. and recent UCLA studies have professors reason to belive that THC smoke voides away lung cancer cells but still prone to emphazyme.
  4. The Aromed vaporizer has the ability to add water, and thus cut down on the harshness or throat irritation. It also has the cool feature of only vaping the weed when you draw on the tube. So if you vape alone and want to take your time, or take a break, the machine stops vaping, and doesn't waste anything.
  5. aren't the fumes really hot though? hotter than the smoke?
  6. Nah 420,
    They're not hot at all.
    When you rip from a vaporizer you can still cough of course!
    But it's not generally "hot".
  7. No, they are a lot cooler than smoke.
  8. THC is a bronchial irritant and if you overdo the vaping, you will definitely get a harsh throat. Also contrary to what some people in this thread are saying, the hot air can be harsh as well.

    I usually combat the harsh throat with a nice glass of some liquid in between puffs. Seems to do the trick. Something that coats the throat is mighty nice.

    The vaporbro's is a good vape, but the vaporwarez is definitely better and last i checked, you can get it on ebay for about 120 shipped. You need to make absolutely certain that you'r vape is filtering out the solid particles. The whip style vaporizers tend to let bits of kif and plant matter slip around the screen and they end up in the walls of your lungs. Not fun if you are a daily vape user.

    I've heard good things about the vapolution as well. Dont know if it has the same filtering problem, but by its design i dont think it would.

    Vaping has saved my lungs. I still spark a bob every once in a while , but daily vaping is where its at.
  9. I bought a Vapolution last week and I scorched my lungs the other day (still sore 3 days later). The air that you draw through the whip is heated and can become scorchingly hot, as I found out.

    I've been experimenting to find the right setting. I started with the dial set to around 12 oclock, let it heat up for 5 minutes, put the straw in and inhale. After about 20 seconds some vapor comes through the whip. But, the weed is not all that brown after one hit.

    On the other extreme, I put the straw in and let it heat up for 5 minutes. Then when I drew on the whip, a lot of vapor came through and burned the shit out of my lungs. Ow! I had trouble breathing for an hour or so and my lungs are still sore.
  10. I use my Easyvape multiple times every day. Lately, I've had a cough which I thought was from allergies. I'd cough on the hot air while vaping so like said above, it fixes the problems if you just drink a lot of cold liquid. Last night I smoked a lot in addition to vaping a lot, and today is the first day my cough has been ok and my allergies were fine even though I woke up in my friend's dirty apt and I hadn't taken my severe allergy medication (possible future medical application). So use a combination and find a good balance. And the heating range in fahrenheit is about 356-374 degrees.
  11. You cough way less with the vaporizer, but that shit hits my lungs hard.
  12. Well I think it just depends what temp you set it at... I just got out of surgery and the vap is the only thing that doesnt hurt my throat or make me cough at all... I can feel it fill up in my lungs when set to 380, but no irritation or pain to speak of... Whats your temp set to my friend?
  13. I run my Vapir Air One 5.0 at 180 C.
  14. If you take a huge hit, it does hurt a bit. not anywhere near what a bong rip will do, but you can definitely feel it. its different than smoke though...I find you "feel it" more in your lungs than your throat. vaping never makes my throat hurt but smoking does.

    Its not like the air coming out of the whip is THAT hot either...its warm, but not hot. its not like breathing in the air from a hair dryer or anything like that.
  15. Oh and it totally makes a difference for your lungs. I used to have a chronic cough when i smoked a lot. Now i only use the vape (moved to a new house where I can't smoke) and my lungs feel a million times healthier. I can run and rollerblade now without coughing at all.
  16. Wow I just had to add to this conversation. First post here :)

    I got my vaporizer (a V-tower) about two months back and I have to say it has saved my me, my marriage and my health. Also, it's an awesome party-gadget :) Everyone loves it. I say it's saved my marriage because I can now use ganja without stinking down the apartment, which I agree is not nice when you smoke. Vape doesn't smell anything. You could blow it in a policeman's face and he'd never know!

    If your getting harsh vape (smoke) of your vaporizer you're probably vaping at too hot temperatures. THC starts evaporating at around 185 celcisus. To get a more couchy effect, set a slighty higher temperature. NEVER higher than 200 degrees though. Benzeen and other nasty shit starts evaporating to at those temperatures, and you don't want those.

    So I can totally recommend the v-tower (only like 180 euros!). It's fast, easy to use and has a pretty accurate digital temperature gauge. You can also set the temperature exactly to your preference.

    Peace, and happy vaping!
  17. With vapes you always want to start low and then bump it up as needed. As far as heat or harshness you can run ANY whip based vaporizer through a bong. You just need a gg adapter on the end of your tube instead of a mouthpiece. 7th floor sells these custom. vapeworld has some standard ones I'd assume gc also has some.
    If you don't feel like buying one or you don't have/can't afford a bong then just go all macguyver style and use an empty plastic bottle. just run the tube from your whip into the bottle add some water and pop a 1/4 inch hole in the bottle for a carb it's the easiest homemade bong you'll ever make.
  18. to the op...i have had a vaporbros for over 6 months and it was the best money ive ever spent...i vape daily and have saved so much really isnt very harsh at all on the lungs or throat, and when i vape through my bong, there is literally nothing harsh about can even put your whip in the freezer for some nice cold vape hits..if theres anything else you wanna know about vaporbros pm me ill be happy to answer any questions :wave:

    ps.. get the hands free model if you go vaporbros, very worth the extra 10 bucks or so
  20. Jeezy, being that the OP asked this question almost 3 years ago, I would hope he made a decision by now. ;)

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