Vaporizers and non-bud matter

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    I am about to pull the trigger on a vape or two and was wondering if anyone has had success with bud trimmings in a vaporizer. I tend to get headaches or just general blah-ness if I smoke too much 'non-pure bud' and i was wondering if I might have better luck vaporizing the material.

    A couple of my local collectives have pretty decent deals on what they would call 'top-shelf shake', but I'm always left with a fair amount of leafy matter that is also heavy on usable trichromes etc.

    If I just smoke this stuff it can leave me with undesired side-effects and I'm wondering if I'd be better served trying to save this stuff to extract the keify crystals, or straight up mixing it with buds in a vape and going through it that way? Thanks!
  2. Wow knocked off the page in a couple hours :p... input appreciated!

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