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  1. I've seen many site which suggest that to get real stoned, you need to burn indica rather than vape it? Supposedly the balance between thc and cdb is more even that way and the effect is also heavier because you inhale smoke.
    True or BS?

  2. yep, total BS.
  3. If it's BS then what's the right heat to vape indica-dominant strain? When I use sativa, I'll vape at 190 celsius (374 f) and for indica I use 215 c (420 f) - is this too low or should I wait a little longer after it reached 215?
    The argument I'veen seen on few site is basically that indica in still the same with vaping, but smoke contains other substances that make you feel heavier and sleepier, which is why smoking option interests me. However smoking compared to vaping isn't nearly as efficient so you'll be wasting bud when burning it.
    I don't if there's any truth to this, but probably have to try smoking indica and also mix it with tobacco (even though I'm not a smoker).
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    Even if some of those other substances are toxins like benzine and carbon monoxide which both contribute that heavier, sleepier high?
    With my eating and drinking habits staying away from tobacco isn't going to save much. I just want to feel stoned and sleepy and am open to explore other possibilities if they get you more stoned than vaping indica. Even if it includes mixing tobacco and smoke with weed.
    But I have no idea if any of this is true. I might just have too high expectations for cannabis .
  6. Quadrupal BS. Turning up the temp can help you obtain a sleepier, stonier high.
    Alternatively, save up your vaped weed and make some edibles with that. That will be the sleepiest high you have probably ever experienced.
    About this. Can I just drink vaped weed with water? I know that fresh weed needs something that transforms THCA to THC, but since I've vaped it once or twice, isn't it already THC? Or does it change to back THCA?
  8. Yes but it would taste disgusting.  You can just eat ABV and get the effects as well.  Taste is rank though,,,
    Used to the shit taste of booze. Can't be more disgusting.
    Does drinking it also give the same long-lasting high that edibles supposedly give? Never tried eating weed, but the long-lasting effect really interests me.
  10. Yeah you can... It doesn't last as long, isn't as powerful, and can cause digestive difficulties but it will get you high. When I did this I just ate the abv as you would a pill - toss n' wash style haha. Tastes rank and you might get some stuck in your teach though. I would recommend saving it until you've got a decent amount (at least 7g) then making some brownies or something. That was by far the best use of it as far as edibles go IMO.
    I think what you're referring to is the decarbing process, which is accomplished in your vaporizer through heat.
    Okay. I have some used weed left, but some of it has been used twice and both times with 220c (428f), so don't know if there' anything left. I've vaped those for about four minutes, if you count both times I used it.
  12. If it's black you probbaly won't get much out of it, but if it's a shade of brown I think it'd be worth saving to use in edibles or something.

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