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vaporizers a: several of questios

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by haplo_09, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. HI so after a month of contemplation I decided to invest into a vaporizer, but before I buy I would like to clarify several thing.
    First I am consider several options: Vapor Varez, Vapor Brothers, and Silver surfer. Also I wonder how different high would you get if you vaporize through more expensive ones, such as vaperzilla and volcano. In other words is it worth paying 200-300 $ more?
    Also, I plan to use it in dorm room, and my concern is the smell. I havent smoked through vaporizer before so I have no Idea about smoke intensity. Can you provide more information about the smell compared to joints and bongs. How easy will it be to conceal it.
    Does intensity of smoke strongly depends on the vaporizer used. If yes what vaporizer gives the smallest intensity.
    Finally last question what is the difference between hands free wapro warez vaporizer and simple vapor warez vaporizer. Is the price difference of 40 - 50 worth it?
  2. no smoke whatsoever. its vapor. Vap bros is a good company.

    It smells CONSIDERABLY less, if at all.

    hope that helps a little
  3. ya i bet there would be a lil trace smell of thc floating around but not a lot. I heard from most people that have tried vaprizers to get the volcano. they said not to get a shitty one but im sure a $200-$300 one would do fine
  4. I own a Vapormatic from vaporizergiant and it cost me 3 bills shipped to my door.
    Love it, however I find myself still hitting the bong most of all. The high from a vape is different than that typical "Stoney" type high you are used to.
    It's just different, def not the type that makes you want to pass out on the couch or bed.
  5. I disagree a bit. Sure, you'll be hitting the bong more often than your vapoizer, but as far as getting ripped, the Steinel heatgun jobbie that my friend owns had me on the floor, and I'm a medicinal user. It's awesome especially when your lungs are shot, or your tolerance is way high, or your supply is a little bit and you want to maximize it.

    But essentially, yes. It's a different type of experience. You're not smoking, youre inhaling vapour. The flavour is very different, more 'grassy' at the lower heat levels, and more 'burnt popcorny' when you reach the limits (actually, you shouldnt taste that at all, it means you heated too much.)

    I found almost impossible to regulate temperature accurately with some designs but very easy with a heatgun.

    Also the heatup time is trememndous. 5 seconds and you're getting vapor flow. I like the idea of the Aeromed, using a bulb is a wonderful idea, but from experience (I've used it at their NYC location) the bulb never gets hot enough for my taste. And they had supply problems when I stopped in.

    To be honest I was ready to go buy one, but then my friend popped in with his Steinel Heatgun, and all bets were off.... Everything I tried, hotboxes, whips, blah, nothing could compare.

    After trying a friend's Steinel heatgun setup I ordered my own. Steinel HG2510 direct from Amazon for $181, a VWT II Pro bong from Vriptech for $120 and one of their 12cm Vapo Combustion Bowl (VCB) for 50. All together it came to 370. They sell their 007 kit (granted with the pelican case, but with a less than ideal pipe) for $570.

    So I'm getting my set for 370 or ther eabouts.. 230 less than the 600 it would cost for the 007 kit shipped.

    I bought the HG2510 from Amazon (there are two retailers of Steinel guns) and have posted links to all the stuff in the big Vaporizer thread in the Medicinal forum.

    But having hit heatguns before, and other types of vaporizers (including everything from a home made lightbulb jobbie to a `cano), the experience will never be the same as what you're used to now. It's great at times, but at times you just want to roll a blunt and be done with it.

    Anyway, whatever does the job for you, that's the most important part. But don't throw away your bongs and pipes just yet -- you'll be using them even with a vape.
  6. -In other words is it worth paying 200-300 $ more?
    no. why spend $200 more when the cheaper one works perfectly fine?

    -How easy will it be to conceal it.
    vaporizers arent that big..

    -Can you provide more information about the smell compared to joints and bongs
    its hard to explain, sort of a sweet thc smell. but its not like burnt leaves. easy to mask the smell: fan, out the window, sploof, etc
  7. I own a VaporWarez 3G hands-free works great for me. During the college year (especially in winter), I use it considerably more than smoking. However, because of the nice summer air and no need to conceal the smell, I've been smoking more bowls and blunts. It's about that time to start vaping again though :hippie:
  8. i have a digi vape and i paid 100 bucks for it and it requires both hands. one to hold the vape and the other to move the hose so all parts are getting vaperized. but i do say i rather take bong hits but its a good investment none the less. and i dont see why you should pay more then 150. cause my has lasted me since october... and paing more the n200 bucks on a vaperize unless its a volcano would be pointless to me cause if you got something just as good for less money.
  9. ive had a vapo bros whip vape, and it really wasnt doin it for me. i bought my volcano for $380 on venice beach (if you go to a head shop that carries them you can talk them down), which is comparable to the heatgun setup you were thinkin about.. the volcano is liek nothng else, and ive stopped smokin completely since ive had it.
    the volcano is quite conpicuous when operating it, but the smell goes away quickly
  10. You should do a google search for the Vaporstar i love the Vape/Bong combo its works awesome specially for the price. I payed $68 payed & shipped from the UK and im thinking of buying 1 more once i get a job. My friend brought over some weed that was almost as good as kush but still really good and we blaze prob about .3 to .4 in the vape between the 2 of us and i was high for about 4+ hours. That was the 1st time i tested the Vape properly, and if i were you i wouldn't get one of the cheaper vapes and look into the Vaporstar and eventually get a Valcano so then you have 2 awesome vapes and one you can even take where ever.
  11. I love my vaporwarez. It's great. The only wierd thing that I can't figurer out is why the bowl is packed at an upward angle instead of being directly above or below the heat source which would make a more even vape. But the cool delicious vapor makes it all worth it.
  12. If you decide to get one there about $8 cheaper off the manufactures website but it takes about 2 weeks plus to recive it from them or longer someone told me. I got mine from EDIT everyone does it and got it within 3 business days.

    Another amazing vaporizer for a good price, this looks like a winner because of how it preforms "Vaportechco" google that. I just came across this and im thinking of buying it in the near future instead of the cano.
  13. i like my aromed....the company maybe having problems,tho..
    + be aware ,takes awhile to get used to
    peace :cool:

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