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    By "safety" he means the likelihood of it burning, in terms of detection. In that sense, the bag is safer, as the vaporization temperature isn't variable with draw speed (like a whip vape). Inexperienced users with a whip vape will often accidentally combust as the material packs the screen and makes the draw harder.

    Don't get me wrong -- I personally prefer a whip-style vape over a bag vape, but if you absolutely cannot afford to accidentally combust, the only thing I can recommend is a bag.

  2. I have no such mentioned problems with my Iolite.

    I had the choice of a cheap ass $90 indoor vape or a $200 portable vape. This is serving me extremely well.

    It seems like the original poster isnt too bothered about his lungs, therefore, once vaped, you can smoke whats left/do other creative things with it ;)

    Iolite, Iolite, Iolite.

    Iolite FTW.
  3. well you guys just gave me more options and confused me more. i don't really want the iolite because i don't want to have to buy butane. da buddah, extreme q, and magic flight launch box are my choices.
    with da buddah its 160 with grinder so i could still get 2 o's. with the extreme q i can get a bag filler and whip vap for 300 and around a half ounce-full ounce. or i could get the magic flight launch box and grinder for 99 and get a bit more than 2 and half o's.
    which vaporizer will make my weed last the longeset? i need it to last as long as possible doing it daily and multiple times a day. and which one is the toughest and hardest to break by clumsy friends or w/e? thanks for the responses.
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    I got a buddah from the next level in calgary and i love it but if you want something to party with you might want to look elsewhere. i cant even count how many times one of my friends has:
    a) pulled the joint apart and had the hot glass end of the whip smash into the table top or
    b) managed to blow plant material into the heating element.

    IMO a bag is the best option for big groups, BUT its easier to hit whip vapes though a bong which is how i use mine.
  5. thanks for the reply. i guess one that does both is the best option then. is the arizer v tower as good as the extreme? i didn't want to spend more than 200 on a vaporizer+grinder.
  6. Out of da buddah, magic flight launch box, extreme q and v tower which one Is the most efficenct?
  7. Da Buddah, extreme q, and extreme v tower are all on the same level for efficiency. Efficiency is also dependent on how you use it. I.E. Packing smaller bowls will help with effeciency.

    The Magic Flight Launch Box can also be really effecient, i can't compare it to any of those, but it'll definately satisfy your want for an effecient vape. As will any other vape though.

    Just do research on them and decide what's best for you. You dont need to ask questions like this here, the info is out there.
  8. thanks for the responses everyone. i have decided that the magic flight launch box with a 15 minute charger is the best for me.
  9. Good choice. I wouldnt suggest using a 15minute charger everytime you charge your batteries though. The fast charge up will eventually kill your batteries. What i mean is, after a couple months or so of using the 15min charger, your batteries are going to be a lot weaker and not perform nearly as well.
    Instead, i'd suggest keeping extra batteries charged.
  10. I live in the dorms too and it's REALLY sketchy if you smoke in them. My buddy got busted on the 2nd day for taking bong rips in his closet. I went out and bought an i-olite vaporizer and it was the best choice i've ever made. I owned a MF launch box as well, but sold it to my friend when I got the iolite. I can basically sit in my dorm and vape all day and no one knows! Not even my room mate!

  11. wait if you use 15 minute charger it will make the batteries weaker? what if i got 4 batteries from blissvile(best deal right?) and the 8 hour charger and 15 minute charger? could i use the 15 minute like during the day when i wanna smoke and then charge it all night? so if i always charge 4 each day can you overcharge batteries?
    i guess what i mean to ask is how often do you need to buy their specific battery?

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