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  1. My pleasure. Let us know how it works out.

  2. What problems are these?

  3. A few. Typically, when one wants to get a finer grind with a 4 piece, they will take the very bottom off the grinder before they turn it upside down to grind so the kief doesn't get remixed into their bud. When they then begin to grind without the bottom piece on the grinder, the grinder is less rigid and so there is an intermittent mismatch of the teeth and every once in awhile, they will not mesh properly and grind against each other. This is how you can get metal shavings as well as dulling the teeth.

    The other issue is that when you turn it upside down to grind, invariably, you will get bud on the surfaces between where the top of the grinder fits on the grinder itself, and after awhile, it gets really sticky and doesn't operate as smoothly. It's easily cleaned with ISO, but it's just another thing to deal with.

    All of these issues can be solved by using a quality 2 pc. Now granted, you won't get keif production with a 2pc, but for me, I want as much kief in EVERY bowl I pack, so it doesn't make sense for me to separate the keif in the first place.
  4. Hey guys i know That I said I had made my mind up but now that I really think about and after what my friend said, I can't get over the half an hour wait. I want to be able to vap with 5 people at a friends house without waiting a half hour.
    That being said, what's a good party vap for under 200. I would like it to be as efficenct as possible but I want to be able to pass it around and everyone gets a good hit.
    How many hits could you get off the magic flight launch box compared to the da buddah with like a half g? Enough for like 4 or 5 people?

  5. The LaunchBox would not make a good party vape. People new to the box will just combust the weed and you'll go through a ton of batteries. Not a good choice for a party vape. The absolute best kind of vape for parties would be a vape that uses a bag for a delivery system mainly because there is no learning curve, so everyone will get a good hit all the time. Check out the following: NEW ARIZER EXTREME Q 4.0 HERBAL VAPORIZER + HERB SAMPLE - eBay (item 110595547173 end time Oct-09-10 20:20:07 PDT)
  6. hey thanks for response iwein. so with the extreme q you can use a whip and ballon? which one is more efficent and which one would be safer? like i mean between whip and ballons? thanks for responses guys. i would be lost without advice and knowlegde from people who have used all of them.
  7. check out for info on basically every legit vaporizer out there

  8. Yup

    About equal on both counts.
  9. I bought a Da Buddha Vape this morning and love the thing. I just got a rip that made my head tingle. . . .almost as much as a gravity bong would. My buddy has one and we always get it cooking with anywhere from 5 - 10 people when we play poker.

  10. i tried to make an account there but for some reason it didn't let me log in.
  11. so if the myrtlezap's bowl is 0,025 how big is the extreme q?
  12. I'll vogue for the Magic Flight Launch Box.
  13. with the magic flight launch box, how often does the battery die? like if i used it in the morning then at night would it be dead? and how long does it take to fully charge one?
  14. Takes 8 hours to charge with the supplied charger. Some people suggest a 15 min charger but I manage fine with the two normal rechargables. One battery alone should do you in for the morning sesh, then you could use the other at night.
  15. you guys heard of the silver surfer?
    i need to get a vap to
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    how much do 15 minute chargers cost? And the silver surfer is like da buddah except it's not hand free and it's more custimizable. You can buy a hands free adaptor.
  17. They last about one trench, 15-20 hits. Just buy an extra set, you'll be fine.
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    Hey dude,

    Im using a Iolite vaporizer, just bought it recently, and its freaking awesome.
    I used approx 0.1g in my bowl and got hella stoned.
    Last time I felt like that was when i was in Amsterdam smoking some nice White Widow...

    Seriously, well worth the money, portable, ignore the bad press on the net re: earlier models.

    It uses butane, does very close to the quoted run time, 2 hours. I pretty much dislike smoking now, vaporisers FTW.
  19. I mentioned in another thread how it didn't seem like it was taking long to charge, and was told it was because I didn't drain my battery down all the way. Well, I did this time and this thing is charged already and it's been no more than an hour. They charge faster than stated.
  20. im in collegiate housing with 3 roommates, we've got 3 seperate bedrooms attached to a small kitchen and dining area.. neither of them smoke weed so i have to be cautious when im getting high (kind of an oxymoron). to give you a standard of how efficient my Da Buddha vape is, i brought 28 grams of middies with me and am not going back home to pick up more until thanksgiving.. this has to last me a total of just over 2 months. before i came here i was smoking about a gram a day through joints/bongs/gravity bongs so trying to stretch an ounce out for 2 months (about .4 a day) seemed impossible, so far so good though i should have just enough to make the next couple weeks.

    from the posts ive read so far, i feel like people saying that the Da Buddha isnt as efficient as the other vapes could kind of mislead you, its still highly efficient considering a .4 whip pack could keep you high a crazy amount longer then .4 through a bong bowl or joint. i havent had experience with many other vapes so i cant vouch for the purple days which ive heard is very efficient, but if efficiency is your goal just switching to a vaporizer is a huge step, focus more on portability, durability, size, warm up times, temp accuracy and so on.

    like i said earlier i havent tried many other vapes and the only one ive actually learned and "mastered" is my Da Buddha, so based off my personal experience i would highly recommend that one. all in all it came to $160 with a coupon code i found, i think the silver one was $15 cheaper, both came with a grinder and a hemp bag for transport.

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