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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Brumac, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. I've tried to purchase a glass pipe from a website and never received it, I finally got my money back but tired of getting jerked around with shitty websites. I am thinking about buying a vaporizer and wanted to know if anyone knew a reputable site to get one from? I live in the states and I am wary of ordering from GC.
  2. Ebay. I got a great vapor brothers knockoff for less than $50 with shipping. Just don't get one of the dome type designs, they are really inefficient.
  3. Aside from the dome type what else should I avoid? There are alot of them on eBay...
  4. I have never hit out of a vap but i really want to. i heard it aint worth it cuz it roasts weed and you pretty much pass out after the first hit
  5. I have also tried a vapir, and didn't like it at all.

    I've had really good luck with vapor bros style designs, as well as the aromazap type.

    I'm guessing I shouldn't provide links here, so just do a google search to see what they look like, then take a look at the ebay auctions. From my experience, the cheaper knockoff models are still perfectly good, just make sure and buy from someone with really good feedback.
  6. Oh, it's very much worth it. You do kind of have to get the hang of using them, but once you do, they are significantly more efficient. I don't use a vape every time, but I would say it's close to 2/3 of the time.

    Another nice thing is you don't have all the particulate and tar and carbon monoxide. To compare the difference, on a day where I smoke a lot, I can really feel it in my throat and lungs the next day, but this isn't the case at all with my vape.
  7. why didnt you like it. I heard some people say it gets you too high where it aint even fun
  8. Two reasons. First, it's really inefficient compared to other vaporizers, a lot gets wasted.

    Second, it's even worse if you try to use it with smaller amounts. You pretty much have to load it up to get it to work well, and that uses a lot of bud, more than you really want to smoke. That's probably why the people you are talking about didn't like it, if you fill it up, you will probably get uncomfortably high unless you have one hell of a tolerance, and if you don't fill it up, it works very poorly.

    I liked the aromazap best for using myself, it's incredibly efficient, a tiny amount of bud will get you very nicely stoned. The vapor brothers style works well if you are sharing it with a couple of people, and it works OK with smaller amounts as well.
  9. is good, i have one.
  10. Its basically a gas your inhaling and not smoke. Your not burning plant matter, your not inhaling soot or any carcinogens, there is no hacking and coughing. The video/link below is why I want one...this sold me.

    Marijuana: Safer with Vapor
  11. I have one too, and I'm still wondering if I just don't know how to use it correctly, or if it doesn't work well, or is defective. I can't think of a way to contact them semi-anonymously, or I'd ask them.

    If you have some advice, I'd appreciate it.

    My experience seems to fit this comment about the vapir:

    So far, with the vapolution, it seems I have to use about 4 times as much as I would to smoke, and then I get a hit that is maybe 1/2 what I would get from smoking. The instructions say that it takes a while to get the hang of forming the pellet to be vaporized. Maybe that's the problem.

    Both of my justifications for buying a vaporizer seem to not apply to the vapolution.

    Reason #1 that I got a vaporizer was because I had read that vaporizing uses less. If I really have to use a lot more to use the vaporizer, I don't think I can afford it.

    The instructions also refer to "the vapor choke", which I guess is what happened to me while experimenting with settings and pellet formation. I scorched my lungs, which was much worse than having to cough from a big hit of smoke. I was gasping for air for about an hour and my lungs hurt for 3 days.

    Reason #2 for getting a vaporizer was that it would supposedly be better for me than inhaling smoke. Breathing in hot air can be maybe slightly better than inhaling smoke, or far worse if it scorches you.

    Maybe I need a volcano or one of the others that uses a bag, to justify purchasing a vaporizer, i.e. to get both efficient use of bud and less harm from inhaling hot gas?
  12. Da Buddah ftw
  13. If you are looking for efficiency, I can't recommend the aromazap vaporizer enough. It uses an incredibly small amount, so there is no waste, and the guy who sells them gave excellent service. At one point, I had lost my stems when moving, and when I asked how much it would be to buy a couple of new ones, he just sent me some for free.

    I've owned every style of vaporizer apart from the volcano, and that's still my favorite. The only real drawback is that it's not good to share with multiple people at once.
  14. Sorry to ask a dumb question, but is there anyway you can post a pic of the aromazap so I kinda know what I'm looking for? Model # etc...? I checked eBay and didn't see any of those.
  15. I don't think you can find them on ebay, they are hand made by a guy who sells them on his website.

    I don't know if we are supposed to link to places that sell stuff from here, so just search for aromazap on google and it's the first thing that comes up.

    There are other vaporizers that use this same design, and they also work well for the same reasons. I recommended the aromazap specifically because that's the one I own and the guy who sells them has given me great customer service.

    The vapor bros style is also quite good, I have one and use it, mainly when it's not just me who wants to vape. That said, it doesn't come close to the aromazap for efficiency, mainly because it has a much larger bud chamber, and doesn't work as well for using small amounts.
  16. Yup, went to their website and they are now selling "Myrtlezap" vapes. Myrtlezap because its made with Myrtlewood versus the softwood which was the old Aromazap vapes. Apparently he wants $145.00 which includes shipping via paypal. I think I'll get one, thanks for the suggestions.

    I personally cannot smoke ganja too much because it just wreaks havoc on my bronchial/lungs. I used to smoke cigarettes for fifteen years and quit because I was tired of my lungs always feeling like shit. I like the effects of pot but can't stand to inhale smoke - period.

  17. You gotta do it right lol, takes a while to figure out what temp you need to vape at, if you go too high you may as well smoke it because you are roasting it.

    But when you find that magic temp (my last batch was 4.5 on th volcano) where you get lots of high, lots of flavor, and nothing else its totally worth it.

    Also, we usually run the same batch through the vape 3 or 4 times and then save the grounds in a seperate container - After 7-10 batches (maybe 5 grams)
    you take the grounds and make cannabutter/oil and cook with it

    If you buy an efficient vape it really helps you stretch out your weed:high ratio... Although when we bought the vape we went from using twice a month to twice a week so maybe its not such a fiscally responsible decision after all :)
  18. Cool, glad I could help. It's a nice vape, and the guy who sells them is great about customer service. A vapor bros style can hit harder because you get more vapor all at once, but I found the aromazap style vape to be a lot less harsh.

    I get the same thing if I smoke too much, any more than a few hits of actual smoke and it feels like I've got strep through the next day, and even that much will get to me if I do it for a few days in a row. Even if it wasn't so much more efficient, I'd still use a vape because it helps prevent that.

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