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  1. Ok so I wanna get a magic flight launch box but I have never vaped and have no clue how it is what's the high like how is it different and any other help is awesome

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  2. Vaping gives you a more smoother, cleaner head high. it comes on a lot slower, it doesn't hit you like smoking would.
     It tastes great and usually doesn't give off a strong pot smell. I've never used a launch box though, only a vaipr NO2, Iolite, and currently, an Arizor Solo. If you can, i would actually get the NO2 over the launch box, it's a good beginner vaporizer.
  3. ^ Yea, the high won't hit you like when you're smoking. For me it usually creeps in. I think that might be the main drawback for some people. Taking a big bong rip can hit you like a train, but vaping is more like slowly floating into the sky holding a ton of helium balloons. 
    Asides from that, the taste is way better when vaping IMO. Much easier on your lungs, too. 
  4. Yeah don't get the launch box, I mean they work and all but unless you have the ac adapter you literally have to recharge the battery after like 4 hits because the power is low, and the charger itself costs 70, if I wouldn't have gotten mine new for 60 then I wouldn't have gotten it. But I guess they work fine just can be annoying. I would get something else if you have the money. I want one of those vaporizers that blow into a bag, I'm not well versed in vaporizers haha, and I want to get that one called the sublimator, go watch videos on YouTube, the thing was invented a couple months ago and they say this thing gets you as high with one hit as 6 bong hits haha so I want to hit that. Look on Craigslist in your area if you don't have the money, you could find some. I saw a silver surfer Vape on there for 100 and they usually go 400 or something but it was like an hour drive and I didn't have a vehicle and he couldn't save it, he wanted to sell it soo oh well. Good luck

  5. The "main draw back of a slowly on coming light high" is why more people should upgrade there vaporizers before they make over generalizations about what the vape high is.
    I swear the vaporizer forum here has more over generalizations posted every day than I have ever seen on any other forum. 
  6. Never hit a magic flight but I have the silver surfer and you can get blasted off of it. Different high from a bong its more heady.
  7. Mflb= no fun

    Da buddha+Bong= Fun


    Yup, and for the most part, generalizations, by their very nature, are wrong.
  9. Personally am not a fan of conduction style vaporizers, which is what the MFLB is, despite what they try to say about it being part convection and part infrared. You can check out the review I did for the MFLB here:
    If you are trying to learn a bit about vaporizing, check this article out:
    That should be a good start! If you are looking for a solid vaporizer that is good for at-home use as well as on the go, check out the Arizer Solo. I just got it and I'm a fan thus far.
    - The Dean
  10. Had a wake n bake with some OG Kush in the mflb and I am very much medicated. Depending on a person's tolerance dictates everything for getting a smoking tool. Ive coming off a month and a half t-break so this vaporizer does the job for me, that and the fact I only smoke what I get from my CareGiver which is potent. You just need to find the vaporizer that's right for you.

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  11. Nice clean site, like it much!

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