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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Michael, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. Probably gonna get the mflb

    Does it reek when you it?
    How long does the smell linger for?
  2. I have that vaporizer, I never smell anything after. That's why I have it, for in the house lol
  3. This.
  4. It will still cause some odor. I can walk into a room and tell when someone has been vaping, it is a different smell than smoke, but it is still there.
  5. How long does it linger for? Would ozium be good enough to clear it?
  6. Lingers for minutes, I used it in a movie theater numerous times. You can blow it down your shirt and you won't smell it very much if at all.

  7. Just open a window, put a fan on, and it should air out in less than a half hour. It's a very mild smell, hard to describe, kinda like burnt popcorn with delicious weedy smell mixed in. Nothing like the heavy weed smell from smoke, but like the others said still noticeable.

    I never use sprays anymore. I find they don't truly hide the smell, but just minger in with the smell present. Ozium works better, but it's expensive, and idk just don't like the smell, and I'm not a fan of all the chemicals in those sprays.

    Invest in an oil warmer (couple bucks at walmart) and some tea lights and some lemongrass oil (or any other essential oil of your choice), and just have that going when vaping. i don't even open a window anymore when I vape in my room, just have the oil warmer going and a fan. Undetectable.

    This is the thing I'm talking about (and the subsequent result of using cheap walmart "essential oils", I've since used high quality stuff, need only a few drops, lasts longer, and is pure and therapeutic even):

  8. even those plug in glade oil things work well, i got a cinnamon apple one and when the door is shut and its on half way cant smell anything but it.


  9. I always hated those things, so expensive to maintain, plus I never noticed the smell much in my room. IDK why, but they just suck for my purposes. But I know my parents love them for the living room and stuff, and they seem to work there..
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