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  1. I did some research about 6 months ago & ended up purchasing the HerbaLife vape. I'm glad I did, it was about $200, not very portable but 3 different toking options (straw, whip for cool air toking, and the bag). Anyone looking for a sweet vape won't be disappointed
  2. Thanks for the report, and welcome to the forum.
  3. You should write up a review on it. I've been meaning to do a review on my vape too.


  4. Thank you glad to become a member!
  5. herbalife? or herbalaire? lol
  6. HerbalAire. Nice huh, all this research and I couldn't even get the name right.:) my bad thanks for catching
  7. Yeah, the Herbie is a great vape, especially in bag mode. Great alternative to the 'Cano.

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