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Vaporizer with asthma?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Zònk, Jan 10, 2011.

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    Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

    I have asthma and have had it pretty much all my life. Smoking never really bothered me at all, never even made me cough really, but sometimes my asthma does get pretty bad.Not just from smoke but other things as well. Recently I was hospitalized with my asthma because my lungs literally shut down. I was placed on a machine that breathed for me and was out for quite a while.

    I will admit I would smoke a regular cigar from time to time and also hookah. The doctors told me that smoking anything like that could possibly cause my lungs to shut down again and not to do it because next time I might not make it. I am doing great now but I have been wondering about how I could enjoy bud again.

    I know edibles are a safe option but I have been wondering about vapeing. I was wondering if anyone on here has asthma and uses one and could tell me if it effects them? I would think I will be fine but I really do not want to take the chance if it could cause any harm.
  2. I have asthma and usually every year when i get sick,i goto the hospital and get ventolin. One year i was in the hospital for a couple weeks,but i was younger then. When winter comes with the cold i find my lungs are way worse and its hard to combust. I have just recently switch to my vape and bong,feel a bit better,the hot vape can irritate the lungs for a bit,just use a reasonable temp,maybe some ice,or hot water hits. I also take this pill singulair,works for asthma and allergies,helps quite a bit. I have the ventolin(blue) and flovent(orange) inhaler,but in the morning i wake up and find it hard to breath,inhalers don't really help. In the summer,my lungs do a 180,i can rip like 1.5g-2g with ease.
  3. Well I cannot speak for the asthma park, however I will tell you that vaping should be 100% safe for you. The vapor does dry your mouth a bit and can make your throat feel a bit dry at times. Sometimes the vapor is pretty strong and thick so I wouldnt advise fully pushing your lungs to the limit with each toke, but instead taking slow, controlled "moderate" pulls. That's the wonder of the vape, you can take your time with your hits and they arent harsh [unless its a fresh pack so be careful.]

    I hope you will be able to experience and enjoy the excellence of vaping. It truly increases your quality of life :)
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    I have pretty bad asthma and i vape all the time and i'm just fine.. I do cough when vaping but its not bad for you anyways... I smoke quite a bit too but its more during the summer when i smoke..
  5. Thanks everyone, Ill definently invest in one. Xploit Im actually on those same medications at the moment. My lungs are the same as well. In winter it sucks but I do great in the summer.
  6. Get the magic flight launch box on ebay.. I love mine! I used to take advair for my asthma but i took myself off of it to try and grow out of my asthma but it didnt happen i should still be taking it but its expensive so screw it all i needs my inhaler

  7. Hey man get back on it. I thought the same thing till I was hospitalized. They told me if I had kept taking it I probably wouldnt have been there.
  8. I have a minor case of asthma says the docs.... my DBV is the best for it imo..
  9. what'd you get hospitalized for? The only time my asthma acts up is during the spring when my allergies are all wack.. The winter if i'm outside working it kills me also but its not near as bad as the spring time.

  10. I was around a ton of smokers for a few days and I smoked hookah a couple of times in those days aswell. I thought I was just gettin sick but then overnight I just got real bad. Woke up not being able to breath like at all. A family member rushed me to the ER and they had to tube me. I ended up being in a drug induced coma for 4 day's, not fun at all. They told me it was a combanation of things that did it to me. They also said I used to much of my albuteral through my breathing machine and that also made it worse. They told me not to smoke anything period, they said if I had been talking the advair It might not have prevented it but it would have helped the smoke and stuff not mess with me.
  11. Personally I would not ask that question here, next time you are with your doctor ask him if it's ok. With a life threatening condition I wouldn't risk it without a doctors opinion.
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    I hope i grow out of asthma soon,i wont as i am 21 and should have already. I just hate how asthma basically ran my life,i could have went pretty far in hockey,but then whats the point? that was before i smoked,so whats the point,when your in like jr b or higher up,you have to play all the time and can't have any distractions,there would be some games i couldn't breath at all,but i was still playing,would come off the ice barely breathing every shift,but thats when my asthma was really bad. I would even use my inhalers and it would do shit. I can't wait till the summer comes,so i can get back to normal. I am out of my ventolin right now,the fast acting inhaler,i just hate how you have to make an appointment for new prescription or get the pharmacist to fax a prescription renewal for my inhalers that i need 24/7. I combusted yesterday,now my lungs feel kinda gross,feel like i gotta horc up some stuff. It also sucks being allergic to dust and other shit,i'm most allergic to cats,kinda growing out of that because everyone i know has cats,but the singulair helps quite a bit with allergies and my asthma.
    If i take massive vapor tokes my lungs do kinda constrict for a bit then they are fine,just gotta be careful,i look this up on fuck combustion and some people use hot water hits to help,also your getting a potent amount of thc at once.
  13. I have asthma too, I have the blue inhaler & the orange one.
    Sometimes my asthma acts up and I hate smoking,
    so yeah, I use my vapor brothers.

    I'd say it absolutely helps and is much better on the lungs, aslong as you get a quality vaporizer.
    Look into vaporizer reviews a lot online first, my frist vape tasted really plasticy and was super harsh and gross.
    I then got a vapor brothers, and got the whip with the ceramic screen.
    Works very well, keeps my asthma down too.
    Tickles the throat sometimes, but it isn't harsh.

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