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  1. So I've been fortunate enough only to have smoked the Volcano brand vaporizers, up until tonight.

    My friend got a vapor bros, and so I have to deal with a whip now. We've already discovered that the hits are more potent if you let it build up for a minute or so in between hits.

    My question is: do you actually waste anything if you don't cover the whip with your finger, like on a hookah? Or is the vapor production slow enough that you can just leave it on and sitting on the counter and take a hit every few minutes?

    Also, do they make little covers or plugs for the end if they are in fact useful?
  2. I have a vapor bros vape too and in my experience I have seen vapor leave the whip through the mouthpiece. But I have a zong hooked up to the whip now so the water keeps it from leaving.

  3. You like VaporBros over Volcano?
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    A lot of people like whip vaporizers over bag vaporizers. I would have the richer hits that whip or direct draw vaporizers give any day over a diluted bag.

    OP, don't be worried about it losing THC. The vapor will just re-condense on or around the herb, being vaporized again in the next draw.

    EDIT: Also, a good technique is to remove the whip from the heat source so that you clear the tube. Then you can put the whip back on the heat source with no lost vapor.
  5. No, I'm saying I prefer the Volcano bag method over the whip.

    A bag is much easier and less hassle to pass around then a fragile glass whip with limited distance it can go from the vaporizer.

    So how long do you guys wait in between hits on a whip-vape?
  6. :eek: yeah, sure. lol
  7. Interesting.. I have used a V-Tower Extreme and I feel that the whip sucks, and that I don't really get a good draw or hit from it then when we blow the bag up.

    What do you mean diluted bag? Bags are a waste of vapor?

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