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Vaporizer Whip Free Basing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cube89, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    I just had a quick question about getting the resin out of your vaporizer. I have a vaporizer similar to this, the design of the whip is pretty much the same. I have noticed that the big bulb area close to the heating element is becoming very dark with duff. My question was is it ok to just stick a lighter underneath that and smoke it (Due to it's shape and from what I've read about how to make a light bulb vaporizer, it almost looks like that's what it was made for)? Also, would it hurt to do this to the rest of the tube, or would that melt it?
  2. I have a vape that is pretty much the same as the one above, I would 100% NOT recomend you heat the tube, as it is made from plastic, so unless you want to smoke plastic, stay away. As for heating the glass bulb, IDK, I don't risk cancer with my smoking, so I just dip the whole whip and bulb in a glass of rubbing alcohol overnight, and the next day just rinse it out with warm water and it's clean as a whistle!

    Happy Toking!
  3. Man I'm worried, lit the tube a bit and realized it probably wasn't a good idea, I was kinda high. It seems to be fine but i breathed in after that and theres a ridge on the tube im wondering if its melted or from being kinked.
  4. I really would not reccomend smoking out of the tube. You should just run some ISO through and make hash.
  5. Also even if i did melt it a bit, and theres non hole, there would nothing to worry about with smoking out of it now would there? or vapeing i shoul;d say. Worried im going to get cancer now lol im paranoid
  6. WEll i was doing that because I was worried about breathing alcohol
  7. Chill, unless you smoked some insane ammount of plastic tubing you should be fine. And the tube should be fine to keep smoking out of, but seriously, try not to smoke plastic anymore! lol!

    Happy Toking!
  8. Lol alright thanks man. And I was worried about the tube being safe now, feel better about it. thanks again.

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