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Vaporizer tips (whip style)

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Ars moriendi, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. Some things I've picked up along the way I thought might help some newbie vapers to get the best hits. I'll break it up into parts (cleaning/hitting/ect)

    Cleaning/screen replacement

    If you're whip is clogged you're hits will suck ass...you'll end up burning a nice dot where the screen has been left free of gunk.

    Now I personally like to let the vap honey (this stuff actually closer to honey then honey oil it's sticky sweet smelling and you end up with a fine layer of crystalized thc all over mixed in to give you that real bee honey white/super sugary crust you see on natural honey.

    The best thing to do in my case is to remove the screen clean it or repalce it rather then use salt or alcohol and from what I've seen alotta you have major problems with the screen...

    To remove and replace it I use 2 zip ties that have been run through each other (so you have both hole sides touched and 2 pointy ends almost even with each other side by side) and a piece of the tubing for the bowl.

    I push it out working it carefully then place it in on a diagonal close to the heating element an turn it up a little hotter..this gets you nice an toasted and it makes it all just dust off. Once you do that burn the rest off an rinse it then dry it after that all you gotta do is flatten it out then bend it in the shape of a pringle potatochip without the saddle shape (like you'd get if you rolled it over half a pipe) and stick it in till it's near but not past the groove after that insert the tie and adjust till you got one tie tip on either side then insert the plastic tube and work it into place using the tube as a backstop and the zip as a pusher. if you make it dome like by accident just use some paper towel in place of the tube and push on both sides evenly.

    If you haven't already making a partical collector or converting a bong is a must for serious vapers.

    Once you have your bong it's time to pack the whip..


    I usually break up about a g or more turn the vap way up then lower it pack the whip and start fast then slow down.

    Once it's broken down I like to place the whip over the pile of herb and hit it to pack it just right. It's never to tight never too loose.

    Then I tip the bong enough to get water in the tube (after the whip is really coated you make the water hit the half way mark in the whip and vap as normal on each rip) it sorta steams away the stuff thats not pure thc leaving you with this mess of white super sticky stuff that gets you so so so wasted.

    And the last thing my stoned ass can think of...rotate the whip as you hit it slowly on a lower setting the hits are sweet...when you run throug your pile of herb revap it at a higher settig or save it for making butter.
  2. great tips!:wave:
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    i agree with everything you said expect i definitly havent hooked my vape up to a bong yet.

    key things to remember for the biggest best rip possible:

    1) like was already mentioned, keep the screen CLEAN. if its all brown and you dont seem to be getting the rips you want, soak it in iso for about 5 mins then just rinse well with water.

    2) big bowls take a while to get going, but once they are warm enough you get huuuuuuugee rips so be patient. also, a large bowl will probably have atleast 20-30 BIG rips and about 10 small rips that you dont think do very much, BUT THEY DO.

    3) ****WHIP SESH'S DONT WORK WITH A BUNCH OF PEOPLE unless they are all within reach of the whip. if a person has to get up and move over to the vape everytime they rip it they wont get very high. its too much of a bummer to get up and move to the vape so i find for the best possible experience for everyone, vape in the car! just keep it in the middle of the car so the whip reaches everyone comfortably.

    4) if there is ANY green colour left in your bud you can still vape it, you just have to make sure all the bud is directly in the way of the air flow, often my vape pushes the bud to the sides of the bowl and makes a small whole in the center where all the air flow is, this ISNT vaping very much bud.

    5) its all about technique. SLOW AND DEEP. cant say it enough. if you think the bowl isnt giving good rips anymore but theres still vapeable stuff in there, puff HARD for a quick burst to bring ALL the weed up to the screen then continue inhaling but gentler while still trying to keep all the bud near the top of the bowl. hard to explain but if you try it out you will probably understand.

    6) BUST YOUR BUD!!! if you dont have a grinder, get one. its all about surface area. and giving it a stir once in a while helps break the bud up even smaller so you get more rips.

    in order to understand how to get the best rips you have to understand that **the faster the air flow, the smaller the stream of air going through the bowl is. so if you rip slow it will fill the WHOLE bowl with hot air as opposed to puffing hard wich will make a small fast stream of air down only the center of the bowl wich cooks less weed.

    i have the extreme vape btw, with the portable battery pack. i am 150% satisfied with it, gets me high out of my skull off 1 bowl, only resin that forms is smokeable hash, can be cleaned by making qwiso and the vaped bud can be used for edibles or blunts. feel free to pm me if you have any q's about the extreme vape or vaping in general! (no i am not someone trying to promote the product, im just a consumer who is very glad he bought a vape!)
  4. I cannot stress grinders enough. My grinder grinds my bud very very finely, it's great for rolling tight blunts but it burns to fast in bowls. One thing, however, is that it is amazing in the vaporizer. I've found that the finer the green the better. As mentioned above, it's surface area, so finely ground bud maximizes that and it makes a huge difference in the hits. They are much more full feeling.

  5. 1. Invest in a decent-amazing grinder. I got a 3 stage sharpstone and its the best grinder decision I've made.

    2. I have a silver surfer and if you don't have a digital temp dial it takes a little bit of patiennce and practice to get the heat setting just right. I usually set it between 1 and 2 o'clock but it depends on how quickly you inhale.

    3. Also, after taking your first round of hits and no more vapor comes out, then stir your whip to get the 2nd round of hits. Usually it takes 2 rounds for the thc to be fully extracted for me.
  6. Any tips on harvesting the "honey" left in the whip? I once threw away a whip that was gloriously covered in the honey. It looked dirty as shit, so bought a new one, and threw the old one out. Only then did I realise there was a way to get benefits off the sweet oil residue.
  7. to get the resin out of the whip use a rolled up ball of papers and a coathanger.
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    Great thread, thanks guys.

    Questions regarding handsfree/box vaporizers: Which part of the herb, in the whip, gets vaped the most? Is it the herb on the edges, near the glass? Is it the herb touching the screen that gets vaped? Or is it the herb most towards the middle of the whip?

    [EDIT: I didn't know the air flow is what caused the vaporization, I thought it was the temperature of the whip glass!]
  9. P.S. It's too bad that the GrassCity shop doesn't sell vapor whips. :(
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