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Vaporizer smell?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ragekai, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Ok..I'm thinking about getting a sack and smoking it with a vaporizer. I never used one before...

    I don't want parents to smell it at all...even from outside the door..will a vaporizer do this?

    How much less does it smell with vaporizer as opposed to smoking out of a bowl?
  2. vapor is a distinctly different smell but does have trace of marijuana odor (obviously). the great thing about vapor is that the smell will disappear quickly. you can smoke a bowl from a vaporizer and have a window open and you wont have a problem. just get a good quality vaporizer, not the vapor buddy.

  3. Would you reccomend a good quality cheap one?
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  5. most vapes are expensive as hell, I wouldnt buy one if your just starting out. I would just smoke a bowl outside. I never have used a vape before (except for a lightbulb one which sucked) but Im pretty sure that they are known for not have a weed smell and your eyes dont get red
  6. It kind of smells like burnt wheat in my opinion.
  7. I have to say I don't think it makes your room smell like weed at all. I do it every night in my room and it never smells like weed. Just smells like popcorn or something I dont know
  8. Hm..they are apparently about 3x cheaper than im willing to pay at the moment...
  9. in my opinion it smells very much like peanut oil. i've never smelled peanut oil, but what i imagine peanut oil to smell like, that's what the vaporizer smells like. =D

    some febreze will cover the smell just fine. if you're worried about parents smelling it, not to worry, even if they come in your room right after you inhale a bag, they will smell it, but i doubt they'll be able to make the connection to weed. if anything, say it's your dirty laundry or something.
  10. That is some stanky dirt laundry.. Hahahah. :p.

    Make a sploof and exhale the vapor through the sploof. Spray a little febreeze to cover up any excess smell.

    It really doesnt smell like weed.. More like burnt wheat like someone above already said. But use the sploof just to be safe.
  11. Meh, I don't think I can afford the vapeorizer at the moment. I may just smoke somewhere remote outside...
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    If I were you, I would save up for a good 'beginner' vape (beginner in the sense that it is relatively inexpensive) such as the vapor bros, purple days, or da buddha. Seriously, 150-160 dollars is nothing if you save it up or actually get a job. I use my vape in my room all of the time, and my parents suspect nothing. The tube of my buddha' whip is easily hidden underneath my blanket as it sits beside me under the bed :p I can toke up with no worries.

    I discourage the use of febreze since it is very unnecessary and would more likely bring about suspicion rather than divert it. The vapor is weak and easily dissipates in a couple of minutes. Leaving the window open is a good and discrete option if you need it.

    Oh, and if you do plan on buying a vape in the future, just a side note, the ceramic heater in the vapor bros vaporizer degrades at a substantial rate. After a couple of months you will be able to tell that it doesn't heat as well as it used to and will need to be replaced once it no longer is able to heat up. The problem isnt as pervasive as within the other vaporizers that I mentioned earlier (just by reading up on user experiences).
  13. I'm hittin my vape right now..this is so chill

  14. Um, scratch that about the eyes don't get red. I only vape the smell in the room is maybe 95% less and none on your clothes or breath -- but the eyes get plenty red, just like smoking. Especially with the Cherry Bomb I've been doing lately.
  15. If you need something cheap, you could always get a VaporGenie. Does the job well enough once you get the hang of it.

  16. If yours smells like burnt wheat than you're doing it wrong man lol, i just had a bag off the volcano:smoking: and burnt it (tastes a little smokey) at "5" temp, this current batch I have gets burnt really cool so you gotta be careful after each new batch

  17. fucking word
    this is my virgin "i'm high right now" post on GC. Woot!
  18. Yea I have a crappy vape called a pyrimid ( wood box ) and a travel one Iolife which is a similar shape to the ipod touch that one rocks. The first doesn't produce much vapor , we always have to turn up too high and it burns but it's a great high.
  19. IoliTe. The iolite is great, probably the most stealthy vape there is, but its pretty expensive around 250 bucks. A vapor bros or Da buddha are good, cheap vaporizers.

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