Vaporizer questions?

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  1. ok, I love hitting bongs, and I'm looking to get a really good one, but now the idea of a vaproizer is in my head

    you think I'd just be better off with what I'm used to and get a bong?

    is there anything I should know before getting a vaporizer?
    are they hard to maintain?

    I've never seen or used one.
  2. Well, before you venture into the world of vapes, you should probably find a friend with one and give them a shot. I know for some people it takes a long time for them to actually come around to the fact that Vapes are healthier for you and deliver more efficiency than smoking. Some people have pretty rigid rituals when it comes to smoking and just don't believe they can get medicated by the perception of the small amounts of smoke in vapor, but that's a falsehood. There's MORE psychoactive cannabidnols in vapor than in smoke.

    There's several factors to consider, chiefly is how much you want to spend. If you have the money and can afford it, the Volcano is an extremely choice device, and I don't recommend anything else to be honest. If you don't have the dough you'll buy something cheaper and shittier, and in the end you'll just wish you'd bought a Volcano.
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    No, they're fuck all to maintain man. You just may have to scrape it clean of honey oil, like mine.. but other then that, a vape is the healthy alternative to a bong. Trust me, you'll be hacking up a lot less shit then you would from a bong, or anything else.. and you'll still get higher then a class of grade 3er's high on ritalin

    Juuuust blaze :smoke:

    Edit: Can't believe I forgot!! if you like the taste of honey oil, you'll begin to LOVE the taste of your vape :D
  4. Vapes are great man- I have the Vaporbros hands free and I love it!! (still get a little "mist" too when you exhale, looks like really light smoke and tastes like tea)

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