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  1. aight, so last night me and 2 of my friends went into nyc and went to a headshop to try and find some cool shit. and once we got into the first headshop i saw what i had came for... a vaporizer. i had wanted one so badly because of its convinence, i would be able to vape in my room before school. so we went in and of course they had everything way overpriced, a magic flight launch box (the one i really wanted) was 140$, an iolite was 250$, and the vape genie was 65$. so i decided that i would just get the vape genie, so i asked the guy for it. and this was when i realized i had forgotten my ID, so the guy being the dick that he was wouldnt sell it to me he told me to just ask someone outside to get it for me. so thats what i did. i found this awesome old guy that was going into the store to get himself a bong or something, we talked and i eventually asked him if he could get it for me, and he agreed. we walked in and i pointed to the one that i wanted and i gave him money and let him get it. when he came out he handed me the bag and i thanked him and gave him a couple $ as a thanks, then i looked in the bag and noticed that instead of buying me the vape genie the old stoner got me a cheap knockoff! (he gave me all my change so he didnt over charge me or anything just a classic stoner mistake) so obviously i was a litte pissed but the vape still works well it just gets really hot and is cheaply made. OK, here is the part where you guys come in, once i got it we went into central park and vaped on a grassy hill, it was awesome, and i was thinking of all the ways i could use my new toy and the first that came to my mind was vaping in my room before school, the only thing was that my room holds smell extremely well so i figured that in the summer and spring when its hot i can leave a fan on and that will get rid of it but in the winter i dont want a fan on... so i thought and thought. finally i found something that might work. its called a heatdish, its a fan shaped thing that instead of blowing air just heats up and produces hot air. so i figured that since its all just vapor the heat should cause it to evaporate right? and that should do the trick just as well as a fan if not better right? sorry about the post being so long but i just vaped in my shower:smoking:
  2. whenever i vape the smell isn't really potent or anything. if you hagve a window just blow out of it. you should be fine. maybe some febreeze
  3. I have my window fan pointing outside. Lay on my bed next to it and use my essential vaaapp and it works great. Don't even have to blow at the window. After I'm done. Keep the door closed. Spray a bit of axe and leave the fan on. Next day. Gone.
  4. Does your VaporGenie knockoff look like this?


    If so, it's the VaporBuddy and is known for having been made with lead based paint so it's best to throw that shit away.

    Here is the lab report:

    LA Testing
    10772 Noel St., Los Alamitos, CA 90720
    Phone: (714) 828-4999
    Attn: Dan Steinberg 1507 Glade Road
    Blacksburg, VA 24060
    Fax: Phone: Project: Dan Steinberg
    Fax: (714) 828-4944
    (540) 904-1291
    Customer ID: Customer PO: Received:
    LA Testing Order:
    LA Testing Proj: Report Date:
    01/29/08 12:00 PM 330800828
    Lead in Paint Chips by Flame AAS (SW 846 3050B and 7420*)
    Lab ID: Analyzed
    0001 1/31/2008 Client Sample 1
    100 ppm
    Lead Concentration
    7500 ppm
    Vapor Buddy Paint Scraping
    Michael Chapman, Laboratory Manager or other approved signatory
    Sample received in acceptable condition unless otherwise noted. Reporting limit is 0.01 % wt. The QC data associated with these sample results included in this report meet the method quality control requirements, unless specifically indicated otherwise. Unless noted, results in this report are not blank corrected . This report relates only to the samples reported above and may not be reproduced, except in full, without written approval by EMSL. EMSL bears no responsibility for sample collection activities.
    * slight modifications to methods applied Unless otherwise noted, the results in this report have not been blank corrected. Samples received in good condition unless otherwise noted. Quality Control Data associated with this sample set is within acceptable limits, unless otherwise noted
    ACCREDITATIONS: California State DHS/ELAP #1406,AIHA #101650
    Date Printed: 2/6/2008 5:09:38 PM PB w/RDL
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    Shit that sucks. Just knocked a couple years off your life man.

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