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Vaporizer question

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sir fapsalot, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. Ok so I made a lightbulb vaporizer and vaporized about half a bowls worth how long does the high take to kick in cause I don't feel much of anything

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  2. Your bulb may not be getting hot enough.
  3. Well ik it was cause it would start to smoke so it was probably hotter than it should be ad the weed that was in it turned brown

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  4. If you're gonna get a vape don't even waste your money on a cheap one. Invest in a volcano!
  5. It would have to be portable and I like the mflb but don't have the money right now

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  6. He's right. I bought a volcano digital and never went back. Never had any problems either.
  7. Mflb is amazing
  8. it shouldnt take any longer then smoking it really. low quality weed, or maybe just not enough vaped, or perhaps even vaped incorrectly.

    if you know the bud is of decent quality chances are you werent vaping it right so theres still a lot of thc in the bud. try rolling the bulb as you heat it, try to disperse the heat somewhat evenly.
  9. I've been smoking for a while now but mostly glass and I bought a vapor RXT it's a pen vape that does both dry herb and wax. I just use it for dry weed but I haven't goten high from it before. I've gotten buzzed I guess but when I use it it does make vape clouds not very thick but still vape clouds. Does anyone know why I'm not getting high?

    Please help!!

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