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Vaporizer Question

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by blitz5, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. So I want a Vaporizer..
    But I don't want to spend a butt load of money on a super good one.
    Does anybody know where to find cheaper similar ones?
  2. Sorry to say man, but you get what you pay for.

    The cheapest I could recommend are
    ...both have their good points, but neither compare to a "real" vape IMO, though they should give you an idea of what vaping is about.

    My suggestion to someone new to vaping is stop smoking completely, let it clear out your throat and only start to *really* appreciate the effectiveness of vaping after you get used to this as an intake, takes about 2-3 weeks of vaping only IMO for the best experience.
  3. for around a hundred bucks the mflb isn't bad.
  4. If you can't dish out at least $100 for a good vape, don't buy a vape at all. The cheap ones are not worth owning, my $30 ebay one got tossed in the trash once I got my EQ and realized how completely different a good vape is from a shit one.
  5. That's not strictly true.

    Tha vapostar sells for less than 100, and it's a pretty good product, definately at least worth a's a god transitional device between smoking and vaping as well, as it can be used in your existing glass.
    Both that and the mflb (which has legions of fans...) give the user a good introduction to vaping.

    I understand that the dirt-cheap vapes (that aren't really vapes at all) like the gumball dispenser looking ones, and the "smoke bubble" lightglobe style ones aren't worth using, but with $100 there's at least two that are "decent".

    Of course, when you've used something like an extreme or volcano, silver surfer etc, it's a bit hard to look back in terms of their quality and user friendliness...those are really where it's at, but everyone needs to start somewhere.
  6. id get an extreme q.

    bag & whip so youll get to really experience it.

    plus its only 150+ shipping online
  7. my da buddha wasnt all that much, if i remember correctly it was around 160-170 for shipping and everything. it is a VERY good vape and will not regret buying it.

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