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Vaporizer question!!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Yolo13, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I want to get a arizer solo. Don't smoke that much just want to be healthy. How much would I have to put in like .3 or what. I like the whole feeling of not a care in the world. And I like to control weather I'm dicked or functional. So how much would I need to put in a bowl?

  2. A .5 would last you probably a few hours.
  3. So it's not like a bong were it last like 2 minute lol
  4. haha i challenge you to vape 0.5 in 2 minutes
  5. Get a Budha vaporizer instead. They are reliable and when it falls it does not break. I would suggest putting .1 to .3 bowls are fine. ANd remember to vape till its brown to get the most out of the weed.
  6. Weed who said anything about that ;) so its saves ur Hearb over a bOng or pipe? I heard the arizer was THE BEST of all portables
  7. What a pointless thread
  8. :

    Only if you make it pointless. Maybe the guy just wants to learn :smoking:
  9. Yea. Just looking into getting one and wanted to find out. Putting that you use an illegal substance on a open forum not the smartest, unless it's legal for you

  10. Well the only reason i say that is bc nobody can really tell him how high hes gonna get off any amnt of weed.. Could take one hit, could take 5, nobody knows.

    Im all for learning, Just a question that nobody can answer is all.

    And op, Dont worry about gettin busted lol, most of the posters here are illegal.. Its one of those things thatll just grow on ya the more ya post here, You wont get busted tho lol.

    And nobody would really even be interested in bustin ya just for smokin it lol, Thats nothin but a fine in most places... Just dont post any huge grows

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