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Vaporizer question.... Help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Newly baked, May 3, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone.... I was looking at buying one of those volcano vaporizers but they are crazy expensive. Does anyone know of a similar vaporizer ? As in one that has the "balloon" delivery system. I bought a small glass jar vaporizer from a headshop and it doesn't really do much. Any info or help would be great! Thanks guys!!
  2. Arizer extreme Q. I've never tried a volcano but I don't really know how it could be better than the extreme Q.
  3. Came in here to say exactly the same thing.
    It's a fucking beautiful system...I enjoy it so much I have a hard time believing the volcano would actually be any better.
  4. What they said man. Extreme Q is a great bag vape for a much more reasonable price.
  5. Like the others have said...the Extreme Q. Only $150 on Amazon: here.

    Kinda wish I had bought that instead of my SSV :)
  6. Awesome info. Thank u guys!! Im deff gonna check that out. The damn volcano is waaaaaay expensive. Thanks again
  7. Ectreme Q works just as well and you can also use a whip from it, not just a bag. The bag it comes with is just a much more simplified version. It does not have a mouthpiece that keeps vapor trapped when not in use, you just have to put your finger over it to keep the vapor in.
    My roomate has the DBV and he is highly considering selling it and getting the Extreme Q. I would much rather hit a bag of vapor over using a whip/mouthpiece anyday.

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