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Vaporizer, plus Bong?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Heinous Anus, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. I've seen a few pictures of a people who hooked their vapos up to their bongs for more filtration. Does this actually give you an increased high or a smoother, cooler hit?
  2. they have bowls just for this, and people have hooked up vapes to a bong, but there is no function to this. Using a vaporizor is heating to a temperature low enough to just vaporize the thc and nothing else. A bong is used to filter out all the harmfull stuff in the SMOKE that you are inhaling. Therefore, having the bong attatched is doing absolutely nothing, except for maybe cooling it down a bit which wouldnt matter since the harsh stuff in smoke is from everything you don't want. I guess it is a cool idea and might look cool but it is a waste of money and time to set up.
  3. lol, what I thought. Thanks though. :)
  4. if you are using a heat gun type vape, then using water filtration to cool the excess hot air makes the rip significantly more pleasurable.

    in terms of actual filtration its pretty much pointless.
  5. hooked their vaps up to a bong? hmm, i'd like to see this:D. What type of vape/bong were they using? I could only see this done by using the bag off of a volcano and putting the nozzle into where the downstem is supposed to go.. seems really pointless to me since vaps take out everything you dont want and are already as smooth as it can get... or can it get even better?!
  6. Well, aside from the shotgunning effect of a bong, it wouldn't do anything. But that alone would make it worth it. HUGE vapor rips!
  7. I hook my vaporizer to my accrylic bong. The mouth piece fits right into the downstem. mmm vapor bong rips...dammnit i might need to take a few of 'em right about now

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