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Vaporizer pen for flowers?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Siciliana35, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Looking for a Xmas present for bf, we live in Florida and don't have access to hash oil or the time to make it. Does a vape pen exist that vapes raw flowers? Please point me in the right direction!
  2. Also I am aware of the atmos raw but saw reviews that say it doesn't really vaporize
  3. Well, I wouldnt know that much about vaporizers but I suggest you look at the Pax by Ploom. I have it I enjoy it, It gets the job done for me, and looks almost like a e cig.
  4. I haven't heard any good things about using a pen vape for dry herbs.You should take a look at the Pax its really nice.
  5. The problem with the vape pen for dry herbs is that the heating element will only be on one side so no matter what it'l be horribly uneven.
  6. Check out gentlemans brand vapes. I have the N02 vapor, MLB, pax ploom, atmos raw, atmos a pen, and vaporBLUNT and gentlemans brand is my favorite so far

    I got mine yesterday, you can get 2g dry herb carts that work surprisingly well. That being said I'm not sure if they are considered a "vape" because a coil goes directly through the middle if the chamber to heat the herb.

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