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  1. This thread is for anybody who wants to, has questions about, or already has previously modified some kind of pre-fabricated vaporizer, or if you have created your own custom vaporizer please post away:hello:

    Here are some photos of my Easy Vape mods along with a little background.

    I've had the box style Easy Vape with the digital display for years. I bought it way back when they first came out and the heating element was really poorly designed, it was just a hard wire coming out of heating element surrounded my a rubber grommet, it had all kinds of flow problems in the glass intake. There were LED lights poorly located at the base, but it still worked great for me:smoke:. My first mod was upgrading to a newer heating element which I obtained from a friends box vape he bought off the internet that went bad due to a overheated circuit-board from running in a car inverter possibly...seperate subject. I was able to retrofit the entire heating element/housing to the shell of my older vape and I was able to plug the element into my existing board. I then relocated the LED lights to right underneath the element and created a lense with some semi-transparent acrylic plastic. I was surprised that I pulled that one off:D Then I created a fresh air intake for the back side of the heating element, before it pulled air in the around the threads and through the aluminum collar around the glass piece surrounding the heating element. I thought that seemed crude and the aluminum piece had a air intake hole but it was blocked up by the plastic back/plate. I drilled it out and inserted an metal intake tube to pull air from a fresh spot inside the box instead of being surrounded by plastic, I also placed the intake @ around 10 o'clock high so that when it draws cooler air from the box it mixes with the hot heating element below. I also fitted the case with a whip holder:eek: I'm so surprised I was able to manage modding this thing with tools I had at my house and left over parts from another unit. I also drilled out the vent holes on the bottom and the unit breathes significantly better.


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  2. I've been thinking of modifying my ez vape. I want to convert it to a bag vape though I don't if it's worth the time/expense. also looks like you replaced your whip with latex tubing. I did the same with mine, only that got ruined when the vape combusted. So I replaced that with vinyl tubing, which is loads nicer and only costs about 25c/ft.

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