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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by lissalaine, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Hey fellow tokers, I was wondering if a vape high is different than I combustion high because I'm getting ready to buy a vape but not sure if I'll like it. I found that when smoking I would be to myself a lot and quiet, mostly because i was high and couldnt form thoughts as well as I could sober. I also felt kind of light headed as well as high because I don't have strong lungs so I would cough a lot. maybe that has something to do with my quietness and scatter braind??
    Thanks for the people who reply
  2. When I vape, my highs tend to be a little clearer but a lot of it depends on your bud, grind type and what temp you vape at. For instance, I can vape a temp 4-5 on my Volcano and be pretty high but clear. If I put it at temp 9, it would be like taking a bong rip and I would be wrecked to where I was awkward and couldn't think straight. 
    So yes, I do think it's a different high but the high you get depends on a lot of factors. All the way down to how you pack the bowl in a vaporizer. I feel like you can control the high a little better maybe. Just my 2 cents. 
  3. I've never been vape high I haven't ever managed to abstain from smoking while vaping
  4. When mine is set to like 380 degrees, I get a wierd head high. It's all the thought/perception changes, but I don't get blurred vision, and I always know what's going on. When I set my vape to like 430-440, and then have a big session, the high is just like smoking.

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