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  1. Hey guys,
      I recently decided to Vaporize exclusively and stop smoking because it seems better for you and I want to cut down on the smell since I just moved and I dont want my neighbors knowing.  I have had the Da Buddha and used it here and there but recently bought the SSV which is just as awesome.  
    When I smoke I get very relaxed and feel great.  I am able to think very imaginative and just unwind before I go to sleep.
    When I vaporize I get bad anxiety and paranoia and I cant think that clear.  I get kinda dizzy.  I do not feel relaxed or anything.
    One of the main reasons I medicate is to relieve my anxiety and relax.  
    I tried 2 different strains and got the exact same horrible high from the vaporizer.  But I smoked both strains and got two different highs.  Both smoking highs were great.
    I know I am not vaporizing wrong, because I have done it before and have friends who do it as well.  It is always light to dark brown when I am finished with it.  And I get the horrible high no matter how little or how much I smoke. 
    I also do not get any body high from it. 
    I really want to Vape but maybe it is not in the cards for me.  I Vaporized the last time 2 nights ago and it was terrible.  My anxiety was horrible and I couldnt sleep.  Then last night I smoked the same strain and felt fantastic.  I slept like a baby and woke up refreshed.
    Do some people react differently to Vaporizing?  Has anyone else experienced this before? 

  2. Crank up the knob higher.
  3. Vaporizers in my humble opinion are a GIANT waste of $. you should keep smoking bud directly or smoke oils. Vaping is a dying art.

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    Dabbing oil is vaporizing btw. Unless you are really telling him to smoke oils primarily with herb, which I think is a waste. But to each their own.
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    Where are you drawing this from?
  6. Ya to each their own.

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  8. Ok in my area. Jesus.

  9. This works for body high from a vape you want those lovely cannabanoids that are at higher temperatures!
  10. Exactly this. I do know what people are talking about when they say they are getting paranoid, get an energetic high, etc. because I have vaped on lower temps before and thats how it feels but when you crank the temp up the high changes dramatically.
    That's your problem right there.      Crank up the temp so that your bud is a dark coffee/chocolate brown.      The way you're vaping it, you're getting a high THC to CBD/CBN ratio.    Some people like that kind of energetic high, but others may feel a bit paranoid and anxious with that kind of, crank up the temp and report back, k?
    While you are obviously entitled to your opinion in regards to vaping versus smoking, your statement that vaping is a dying art is totally untrue.    In fact, the exact opposite is true in that it is gaining in popularity and the vaporizer market is growing, not contracting.
    Some of the bogus crap that gets posted here is mind-boggling.
  12. Don't you think that depends on the temp of the nail your dabbing on ? If you think a red hot nail isnt combusting you should do some research.

    Most likely your combusting when dabbing with a torch unless your waiting for it to cool after or your using an e nail set low.

    To say concentrates are ALWAYS being vaporized dosent really make much sense
  13. Try vaping at over 200C. I've found that to be the temperature where I start to get good couchlock.
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    I understand what you mean. Anyway, my point was, if you are dabbing correctly and treating your nail properly, you aren't setting your nail red hot and combusting it. But I understand it is silly to guess the temperature of a hot nail lol no need to tell me that.
  15. Many people believe the ledienfrost effect comes in to play when dabbing. Maybe you should be the one doing some research.
  16. I've been vaping exclusively for about a week now and my feeling is the exact opposite - better high, no feelings of paranoia, great head and body high - I love the effect and will not go back to smoking.
    I vape at 385 degrees - maybe it's the temp if you're setting it lower, or maybe it's just not for you.
  17. So what are you getting at ph? Your saying the temperature of the nail dosent matter ?

    All I was saying was that just because your using concentrates dosent mean your always vaping and temp plays a factor are you saying Im wrong ?
  18. When you get body high do you feel couch lock or you good to workout?

    Stoner Athlete
    Train Insane or Remain The Same.
  19. Not at all the temp does play a factor but there are multiple other factors at play too. I believe the Vabor brothers 2 even recommends using at a certain temp range that is rather high to make sure they are taking advantage of the leidenfrost effect.
    Basically all im saying is there are certain factors at play that make even though the nail is above the flash point of marijuana it still vaporizers.
  20. Okay, So I cranked up my temp on the Silver Surfer from the 2 o'clock position to the 3 o'clock position and it had the same effect on me.  The weed looked like dark brown powder when I was finished. 
    Out of curiosity, if it is a pulverized powder consistency is it being combusted?
    Maybe my body just doesnt like vaping.

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