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Vaporizer High?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by ogKUSHbone, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. I want to get a vaporizer, the MFLB to be exact. but ive heard vaporizer high isnt that good? can someone explain a vaporizer high compared to a bong or pipe/bubbler high?
  2. anyone? need help... i plan on getting on this weekend if someone could help explain
  3. The way I will explain is like this... Its like smoking a pipe or bong except with all the up and none of the down. Its a very clear headed, encouraging, mellow stimulating body buzz. The high doesn't last as long in my opinion, but its a great thing to use anywhere at anytime. I love my MFLB I give it a 9/10 on a piece rating.
  4. If I didnt have my Da Buddha vape I'd probably buy a magic flight. That seems to be the go-to for portable vapes. The high is different but still quite nice
  5. It's very Stoney and heavy and the munches are insane.
  6. i think anyone with a vaporizer should as well have either a bowl/bubbler/bong.
    because the truth is, the highs are very different, and if you mix them up often then your tolerance might not grow as much with that certain device.
  7. Vapor is for sure a different feeling than smoke. Mostly due to the fact that when you smoke you are not only inhaling the active cannabinoids but you are also inhaling toxins from the combustion process. These toxins give you a sorta "high" just as most inhaled poisons would. Vapor is more potent in THC than smoke since THC vaporizes at a lower temp than the other cannabinoids. THC is the ingredient responsible for the heady high while the other cannabinoids give you the heavy body high. So,yes,vapor is not the same high,but IMO its a way more enjoyable experience and doesnt make me all tires. I actually feel like being active while vaped.
  8. I disagree. Its actually quite the opposite. Stony in the head maybe. But not heavy at all like smoking bongs or some shit
  9. [quote name='"ogKUSHbone"']I want to get a vaporizer, the MFLB to be exact. but ive heard vaporizer high isnt that good? can someone explain a vaporizer high compared to a bong or pipe/bubbler high?[/quote]

    A vaporizing high is infinitely better than a smoking high. It's hard for me to smoke anymore cause it isn't satisfying. I can't imagine not vaping...

    That being said, it is a bit more in the head, and it's much cleaner. I love this, other people mess the dirtier, heavier high. I'm not saying that's bad, but that's what it is. The clean head high is a bit harder to recognize to someone who isn't used to it.

    The mflb has quite the following, and is a very solid, useful portable vape. However it is one of the weaker hitting vapes out there, particularly when you're new to using it. There's a bit of a learning curve with the mflb. Most people who get them and take the time to learn to use them absolutely love them.

    There are harder hitting desktop vapes that without a doubt put smoking to shame, but the mflb, especially with a little practice, can certainly be a lifelong portable vape.
  10. so yes or no? should i get a mflb
  11. Nahhh man, vaping sucks. The high isn't even close to as good, buy a bong
  12. [quote name='"ogKUSHbone"']so yes or no? should i get a mflb[/quote]

    I would highly recommend it.
  13. everyone is entitled to an opinion,no matter how bad the opinion is but Anybody who says vape high sucks compared to smoke high either has never used a good vape or has never properly used a good vape.
  14. [quote name='"sublimeluvr"']everyone is entitled to an opinion,no matter how bad the opinion is but Anybody who says vape high sucks compared to smoke high either has never used a good vape or has never properly used a good vape.[/quote]


    Tokesmoke69, I was the biggest bong guy ever before I hit my vape. I probably would have said the same thing. But the idea of a bong rip is so unappealing to vaping.

    And shit...vaporbonging? I milk thick thc-filled hits. Smoke just doesn't do that.
  15. I believe I can help.
    The high is rather different.

    I have heard many a smoker saying they don't like it, and I think I know the reason why.
    I've been there. I went from smoking to vaping, not gradually, straight away.

    I bought what looked like a GOOD vape, as I'd had some experience with shitty vapes (smoke bubble, heated element type) and didn't enjoy using them.
    So I speak as a guy that THEN purchased the original "Extreme" from Arizer.
    I am otherwise a non-smoker.

    At first, I thought "Yeah ok, I guess I'm kinda stoned", and no, it wasn't as good - It didn't seem to be as strong or as immediate.
    I accepted this, and said to myself that if I was going to vape I'd just take it for what it is and understand that this is how it was going to be from now on.
    It was a bit disappointing, but I dealt with it.

    For the first few days to a week, I found I was coughing a fair bit. I was actually hacking up crap from my throat and lungs. Congestion caused no doubt by smoking weed.
    It was just after this stage that I started seeing the gradual health benefit kick in. My lungs simply felt more "open", my chest hurt less when exercising, and I would feel a lot less "puffed out" walking up hills and the like.
    This has continued by the way - the lungs now always feel great, and any time I've experienced cold type symptoms they've been less in duration and severity.
    I looked into this, and yes - inhaling vapour can actually aid the clearance of congestion.

    Then, after about 2 weeks of use, something else started happening.
    The buzz/high started to get stronger, and last longer. Not significantly so at first, but it seemed to be climbing.
    I *think* I know why this happened, I'll talk about that in a bit.
    Long story short on this bit, vaping got better, and better. It's now at a point that I can rock a good stone on ONE vapour bag from my extreme (I have the Extreme Q now) and two will get me HAMMERED. Long duration too, moreso than smoking quite significantly.

    So my theories on why this happens and why some smokers that try vaping don't really like it:
    *Lung congestion that exists in smokers doesn't really facilitate the absorption of the vapour into the lungs as much as possible.
    *When you smoke, the "immediate" hit has a familiar feeling to another sensation, that being asphyxiation. I honestly believe this is what happens. Lack of oxygen taken in one big hit along with carcinogens. This factor is missing when you vape.

    So yeah I think that vaping really only shows it's awesomeness among (sadly) those that are patient and those that don't smoke/quit smoking.
    If you smoke, or smoke weed, I honestly do not believe you will ever experience vaping at half the efficiency and effect that I do.
    I was a smoker, for a long time - and as I said above I initially thought it was shit.
    Though perseverance saw me through and now I enjoy it greatly.
    The stone is definitely more cerebral, and more uplifting - I relate it to being more like a joint high, which I've always personally preferred anyways.

    So yeah, if you get your lungs in order and get rid of all the junk - once you clear that path vaping is AMAZING.
    I feel like I can say that if you're still smoking at the same time, it's a bit superfluous to vape - because it will always seem comparatively "weaker" if your body isn't geared to absorb it the way it should.
    I think this is a bit of the problem that faces those considering vaping as an alternative, how much people who are in love with vaping talk it up - the expectation is that it's going to be some mindblowing life changing method...it actually is, but, it takes a while to pick up steam and take you to that level.

    Of the vapes I've used, my favourite by far is the Extreme (Q)
    They are nice looking, quiet, quick, efficient, make delicious vapes, and are totally user friendly.
    In second place, the vaporstar bong attachment.
    I have an mflb as well, and while it's a handy little thing and quite discreet and obviously affordable, I don't believe it delivers the same quality as the aforementioned - though I've seen a LOT worse. It would be a sound decision as a beginners vape.
    The extreme however, well, nothing's going to clear your lungs out like sucking down a giant bag of juicy vapes.

    With vaping, all I can say is if you have the patience and put the time in, once you get there, if you get there, you will be astounded.
    See you when you get there.
  16. I agree with randomthoughts!

    In his position..well kinda. I've been a big bong smoker. Just recently, about a week ago..I bought a LSV. I'm experiencing what he is talking about..

    I'm coughing up so much black stuff the past few days.. I'm guessing its the tar in my lungs.

    Right now I feel like even with a big hitting lsv... I use it on a king stemline btw. Its pretty good but the high still feels "weaker" and shorter duration than smoking.

    I will report back within the next week or so and see if anything changes.

    I am hopeful now..after reading what randomthoughts said. Lol.. Never heard of that before.
  17. Seriously man, give it a good chance.
    Try to smoke as little as possible, if at all.
    See if you can give it two more weeks...
    Trust me yeah, it gets SO better.
    It would be awesome to see if it turns out the same for you.
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    Want the best of both worlds? The mouth piece that came with my Da Buddha vape easily fits into my bubbler. It takes a little getting used to, but it produces the most opaque milk of all time.

    Da Buddha has an mouthpiece accessory which has a stem that fits into most bongs. If you google "da Buddha bong attachment" there are several videos.
  19. Vaping is more intense to me an more efficient. I can vape up to 15 min non stop tell the bud is cashed. Some times I just take two or 3 puffs an I'm set for 3 hours. IV had a few friends pass out from hitting my vape cuz they got so baked. They usely take 5 ripps an say Im good for a bit lol.my dad calls.it the electric hooka.
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    It's a bit different due to the fact you're not inhaling toxins.

    A lot of what you experience is based off of technique.

    Lower temperatures may cause only THC to be vaporized which is extremely different for many people. Higher temps will cause all the cannaboids to vaporize and is a much more familiar feeling. A lot of the people don't get high are honestly doing it wrong. Not for lack of trying though, it just takes a while to get into the groove of it. It took me about a week before I was able to get a consistently good high out of my MFLB, and about two before I was able to really milk it. Vaporizers are for people in the long haul both high and health wise. It takes me about 20 minutes to go through a full trench in my Magic Flight box (I prefer higher temps). On top of that, my high may not reach the same intensity coming up, but it does seem to last a good bit longer, especially the peak (which can last a good 45 minutes) with the rest of my highs lasting about 3 hours out, while a joint would probably only get me through an hour and 45 minutes.

    There are several videos on the internet on technique, and it takes a while to find which one you like best. I'm personally a fan of the slow long draw.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3aYefMR3mc]Long, Slow Draw Technique - YouTube[/ame]

    ^ Look at all the videos on that channel. Lots of good info.

    One thing I will recommend if you do end up getting the launch box, get the AC adapter. The batteries don't last very long if you're a heavy user, and you'll end up having to replace them every month or two.

    Vapes are nice for controlling consumption and conservation. I guess it's not for everybody, but it's definitely for me and a lot of people. I definitely noticed a difference in lung function after the first few weeks of quitting smoking in favor of vaping. Weed may be one of the safest things you can smoke, but, it's still smoke, and that stuff doesn't belong in your lungs. :)
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