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  1. I'm looking for a good CONVECTION vaporizer. Unfortunately, it uaually isn't specified whether the vap is conduction or convection.

    What are some good Convection vaporizers that won't break the bank?
  2. Why does it matter if it's convection or conduction?
    I hardly know what that shit means anyway, seems like physics in HS was a loooong time ago...
    just get a vaporbros and you won't be disappointed.

  3. Because with conduction, only the herb in direct contact wit hthe heating plate is vaporized, and this can somteims cause the herb to combust, which is what you are looking to avoid and is the reason anyone would smoke out of a vaporizer.

    In the case of convection, hot air is forced over the herb, coming in contact with 100% of the herb's surface, vaporizing any and all available THC leaving no waste, and not actually burning anything. These ar emore expensive, but well worth it.
  4. As far as I know, most good vapes on the market available on the market now are convection, and not conduction.
  5. This is the vaporizer I want:

    But when I e-mailed this seller and asked if this was a conduction or convection vape, he said it was Conduction. The heating element SEEMS like it would be convection, because it has a screen, which would allow air flow out, and no bud in. So maybe he just doesn't know his shit. Thats what i'm hoping anyway.
  6. ^what he said. I had the choice of either spending a lot of my money and being potentially broke for a long time and getting a digital volcano, or spending much much less and getting a vape bros vaporizer.

    I chose the Vape Bros because of the price and i haven't ever regretted it. I mean sure a digital volcano would be absolutely insane but im not exactly the richest guy on the block.

    Just make sure you get some replacement screens cause the screen is a bitch to clean
  7. I don't think it really matters that much. There are high and low quality of both types.

    The little box you're looking at getting should work just fine... looks just like a vaporbros (you might want to look into that brand too)
  8. My friend has the same vape and it is alright vaping wise. I suggest you take a look at either the Vapor Brothers or my favorite the Da Buddha at only an extra $10 for a much higher quality vape. Don't let the led display on the easy vape fool you because it is incredibly inaccurate.
  9. So what most of you are saying is that any VaporBros. Vaporizer would be a good convection vape? i looked at a few of these, they look legit.
  10. umm...convection or conduction, whatever. They're good.

  11., actually convection is much better. so no, they're not all good.
  12. have an herbalaire
  13. just use a lightbulb thats what i do. easy to make. except whenever i do vaporize it i feel like a crackhead. But it works 3 hits gets me fucked up. But keep your lighter like 1.5 in away so it doesnt burn.
  14. lol people dont know what your talking about. anyway, yes the one you posted is a conduction vaporizer because the heating element becomes hot and conducts the heat to the herb, the air coming out is not hot enough to be a convection vape. I dont know of any convection vapes, I have a box one like the one u posted, as long as u dont put the temp up too high, it will never combust. I wouldnt say that its "much better" as both will vaporize thc, the only difference is the conduction one the heating element touches the herb, and in convection only hot air contacts it. I would doubt a true convection vaporizer even exists it would take alot more energy to have to heat air up that much and keep it physically seperated from the herb. Honestly just get one that you like and can afford, there wont be a huge difference
  15. pretty much all vapes are convection. if the herb is packed in a whip or screen of sorts then chances are it is convection. the only conduction vapes are the dome ones with the hot plate or a lightbulb. the herb directly touches the heating element, thus making them conduction. think of it like drying your hands- would you rather dry them by placing them in a stream of warm air or by placing them on top of a hot stove? thats why any whip vape or volcano-type vape is better than lightbulbs or 30 dollar dome vapes
  16. dude.if u say VAPOR BORS aint all good then ur goneskis. like me. fuck man. im sorry. im on a T BREAK> one,month man. So yeah. i would be all good and shit. but yeah.,get a vapor b rtos. they the SHIT. who cares aobut like, convection and shit. just buy a vapor broz and lak it with some buds g. yeahg. fuck man. PEACE OUT. much love. nad shit. hahahaha peace out my man
  17. Silver surfer or Da buddha

  18. :hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:

    Thank you. exactly what I needed. Because it's my first vaporizer, i always just pictured a conduction element burning up my bud, and a convection nicely vaping all my thc, but you're right about a true convection possibly not exhisting. I never stopped to think that for that to work, the air flowing through would have to be like 315F-350F.

    +Rep for you brotha.
  19. If you don't want to break the bank but want a decent vape I highly suggest the Vapir ONE. I used one for years and it can be used as a whip or with a bag kit (I even had an aromatherapy mask that attached). It is digital and fairly reliable and usually come for around $150.

    If you want to spend more than that I suggest the Silver Surfer. I've used my friends several times and that thing is pretty cool as long as you have the piece that locks the glass stem to the heating element so you don't have to hold it the whole time. I'm not a huge fan of whip vapes but this one is pretty nice for $300-350.

    If money is no object definitely go with the Volcano. The classic with the Easy Valve setup is the best. I've used tons of different vapes and this one is definitely king. It is a bag only (no whip option) but that makes it easier to use in my opinion. The only downside to this thing is the price tag at $539.

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