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Vaporizer Giant SUCKS!!@$#!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by herakles, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. ordered a hot box on jan. 26 and i'm still not toking through it. they sent me the wrong color, and to add insult to was sans whip.

    do yourself a favor and go to ANY other retailer if purchasing a vaporizer. these guys ignored two emails, a problem order form and promised to send it after two phone calls. two weeks later and i find that nothing is happening. so, i call and it sounds like they're running the fucking shop from their basement. just know: they will jerk you around...

    there are just too many other retailers offering the same product for the same price. GO ELSEWHERE! :confused:
  2. I can second that. FUUUCCCK Vaporizergiant. Long story short, they wont ship if your billing and shipping addresses dont match. They dont mention this on their site, but they ask you "why" your addresses are different. None of their fucking business why. Filled it out anyways because I just wanted my V tower Extreme. Few days go by and i get a phone call from the grumpiest old bitch ive ever come across bitching about how they cant ship the item to my shipping address. Totally rude and unproffessional. It was almost as if she was TRYING to get me to cancel the order. I asked why they didnt tell you that on the site and let you purchase items and she goes, look im super busy right now, do you want me to ship this or not?? go ahead and cancel the order you diabolical worthless hag.If your getting a vape, get it somewhere else.Im not gonna mention names cus I dont wanna look like im promoting someone else, but I found a LEGIT vendor superquick who actually threw in a free pollen grinder. Youve been warned.Peace
  3. wow, that is bullshit. i work in customer service, and that is no way to run a business.

    it sounds like they are a shady ass operation. ill be sure to stay away from them. thanks for the heads up:metal:
  4. Wish I would have Google'd more on this company before ordering. I ordered a vaporizer on 2/1, so it's only need 5 days but everything is already shady. For one they billed my credit card instantly, and all major companies don't bill your cc until they ship the product. I then received a tracking number via e-mail on 2/3 saying it is scheduled to arrive on 2/5. Well, on 2/5 it didn't come so I contacted UPS. They said they received the order for the shipment, but never received the package. So it never was delivered. Why would they send me a tracking number without dropping off the package?

    I've e-mailed them twice, no answer, and can't get a hold of them through their phone number. Threads like this and other sites scare me, I've heard of people never getting anything and just losing their money.

    I'm going to try and keep contacting them and will update as I know more.
  5. You guys should stick with the known sites for vapes. I mean its not even worth the headache going through somebody with no rep.
  6. #6 pnut420, Feb 7, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 7, 2010
    Wow, what a way to treat customers. I'm with y'all when u say fu*k that place. It definatly proves that CHEAPER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER. Thinking like that is also why i say fu*k Wal-Mart. They have this whole country thinking buy here, we are the cheapest. Of course you are thats why your products suck. Im all for saving a few dollars on paper towels, light bulbs, laundry detergent...etc. But some things you have to just shell out the good money for.

    Cheap price and shitty quality usually go hand-in-hand.

    Dont know if it was actually cheaper where you bought it, but i just felt like ranting. The real issue is shitty customer service.

    Just tell that old bag on the phone to shut her cock-holster and send you your dam vape.
  7. This site is awful. I bought a Volcano 10 days ago. The website said "Free Next Day Air on USA Orders." I needed the expedited shipping because I was about to go on vacation.

    The receipt said "2nd Day Air." I sent several emails to follow up for an explanation, no response. It turns out they sent it by GROUND meaning it will take at least 10 days before I can get it.

    I called and got the run around. They said they'd get back to me but never did after 4 days. After 3 emails and two telephone calls, they finally credit my account for $19? The website said the "next day air" they promised was worth $89! Regardless of the website, their rep said they don't even offer next day air and that they will have to get around to taking that off the site.

    If I had known what a scam this site is I would have saved the hassle and bought my vape locally.

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