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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Seg, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Hello people.
    So i want to buy a vaporizer. Never had one or used one. I was reading stuff on various forums, but the opinions are very different and i ended up here. I'm mostly interested in liquid vaporizers, but if it could vaporize dry herbs too it would be more than awesome. Cost doesn't really matter as long as quality is good.
    I would be greateful if anyone could recommend me a good vaporizer.
    Thank You for your time.
  2. When you say liquid, do you mean oils and concentrates?
    If so, the sublimator is what you want. The adapt a bong kit does normal sized dabs well and is great at ground herbs.
  3. I've personally haven't used the sublimator but it looks like an over hyped expensive vaporizer.
    It pretty much takes a small amt of herb and condenses it to one big vape bong hit.
    I( under I, as in me personally) wouldn't pay the $600+ For it.
    Look at the davanci ascent, arizer solo, Ploom pax, pinnacle pro, or the plenty.
    Are you looking for a home unit or a portable?
  4. @[member="VapeLifeAlex"] It's really not overrated. It's the second best vaporizer I've used, only behind the Vapexhale Cloud EVO. And I've owned and used a lot of vapes.
    For oils (like the TS suggested he wants), it is the best vaporizer on the market, ESPECIALLY the E-Nailator head. Here's an example:

    It allows for MASSIVE dabs.
    Also, the head that is for weed (the Apollo) produces 'sublimate' reclaim that is very potent. It's the only vaporizer that produces oils for dabs.
    It is NOT over-hyped at all. It's just not a tool for everyone. It's a very serious vaporizer. You really shouldn't judge something that is so popular without trying it.

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