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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Neckwrecker, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Hello all,

    Inaugural post here...

    First just want to say that I apologize if this has been discussed before. I did do a few searches and didn't find anything too specific.

    I currently have a "da-buddha" vaporizer. I use it extremely rarely at this point simply due to the very large bowl it comes with out of the box with. I have asthma that has been an issue since about 18 years old. So I really need to be using a vap at all times. I don't want to part with my love but if I can't do this in a more healthful manner to my lungs I just can't continue.

    I am at the point of considering a new vap for two reasons: the Da Buddha bowl is fricken huge, and it is very tricky to figure out temperature product to product (it really seems to vary)

    Long story short, does anyone have any suggestions on how I can use my Da Buddha vap without wasting so much material? "Pack less" might seem to be the obvious response, but the unit just doesn't seem to work very well/at all if I don't pack the bowl at least halfway (which is quite a bit of material for a guy that can easily be happy with a one-hitter).

    Conversely, if you think I am better off just getting a new/better designed Vap....what do you recommend?

    My basic need/want: A vap that performs the same every time and can vaporize as little as a one-hitter amount of smoke.

    I really appreciate your feedback and time folks. Again, sorry if this has been discussed. I mean no disrespect if so....
    Just a laid back toker / metalhead needing some advice from those more experienced

  2. Get an MFLB dude. Exactly what you want
  3. id get the arizer solo because it has different temp control and it might help for your asthma.
  4. I aswell have asthma, i used to have a box whip style vaporizer but portability was an issue. A few months ago i bought a MFLB, it was the best investment made. I seriously recommend you buying one.
  5. Would definitely recommend the Arizer Solo, with the temp settings it will definitely help vaping with your asthma. Try this site to see what it's like.
  6. The Arizer Solo as others have said. It's a huge step up from a MFLB, it's small and portable, has good battery life, and you can put as little as you want in the bowl and it will vape the same as a full bowl, just for a shorter amount of time. The temp control with memory makes it easy to find the best vaping temp for your needs and then return to the same setting for your next session. I also like the Extreme Q, but it isn't portable. It does give you the option of using a whip or bags and will deliver consistant vapor at whatever setting you prefer. Pick a few and then go to the manufacturers site and get some details. Then find some user reviews on the ones you like. I do have a Solo and I absolutely love it. I DON'T have a EQ, but I've used one and it was great. I'd get one if I wanted a non-portable desktop. I have used a few others and based on what I have read and experianced, I'll stay with my 2 suggestions. They get the job done and won't break the bank. For my vaporizer basic preferences, I don't like butane. I like electric either battery or AC, and I prefer whips over bags.

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