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Vaporizer ettiquette...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by highscores, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. When using a vaporizer with friends, say 2-3 total smokers, do you do two hits and pass? Or just one? Out of a whip, not a bag.
  2. When my friends come over and use my DBV or SSV, we always follow the rules of puff puff pass. So two tokes then pass it along.
  3. seems like theres no standard for this, i like 2 hits and usually do that... i think the reason is because u dont have to light it, so it feels like a joint, which feels like it should be 2 hits and pass
  4. I'm more of a private bag guy, myself. Everyone blows up their own bag.

  5. This. Though I don't even own a vaporizer. Just what me and my friends do.
  6. Puff, puff, pass...that's the rule for every smoking device. vapes included.
  7. For my DBV, it is puff pass because of the method we use to smoke out of it: at least a 10 second drag followed by a min of a 10 second hold. So while you're holding it in, you pass onto next and they puff as you let out. It's very smooth transitioning.

    For my iolite, same method but since you get less vapor (as it's more of a personal vape), it's back to puff puff pass.
  8. usually we just do one but i would say 2 is appropriate sometimes it sucks to only take one hit then have to wait for it to come around again

  9. Not so sure that this is the rule for all devices. I mean when you are at a buddies and he passes you the 15 in Bubbler do you light it, take you hit exhale, then re light for another or do you pass to the next after 1?

    Now for the Vape and all things that stay Hot between passes like a J we always do a Puff Puff Pass. It doesn't make the others wait like it would if it had to be lit each time.
  10. Usually just one hit...but I generally take big vape hits. My brother and I finish off a large bowl in my SSV in like 6 or so hits when we're connecting it to a bong.
  11. This.

  12. I do just one
  13. Whatever feels right..but I never vaped in like big groups, usually less than or equal to 3. In those cases it was with my mflb and I would take a huge hit and pass it as I'm holding it in...I dunno I kinda get annoyed with any rules people have. Like just be respectful right and don't appear to hog it. Friendly reminders too if someone's chiefing. But yeah don't worry about it too much, especially if its your vape and/or bud.

    Ps. Gc app on the phone is genius

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