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Vaporizer Debate

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by muaythaipride, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. Just thought I would open up a thread for the medical users to debate which Vaporizers they favor. Also because I am looking to buy one and i am not sure wether i would like the Vapir ONE v.4 or their other one the Vapir air-2
  2. i love my vape, i like it more than the digital ones because i feel like i can controll it however i want and with digital ones it kinda just does it all for you
    u should check it out i got the handsfree vape
  3. The vaporbox on that site is essentially the same thing as the 3g Vaporwarez vaporcannon that you can find on ebay mad cheap. It comes w/ a 5 year warranty too. Best bang for the buck if you dont want to pay out the nose for a volcano.

    It heats up faster than any vape i've ever seen. I havent had the chance to try the hands free attachment but it looks nice. Ars seems to like his though.:wave:

    these put the volcano to shame imho they even include removeable air filters thermalcouple for consistant temps and a digital readlout

    you can't hit the cano off a bong :D

    love the 3g for very crystal rich bud that holds mostly from resin so it bounces in the big upside down handsfree chamber
  5. Volcano hands down. You absolutley get what you pay for.
  6. Make your own vaporizer that compares to any store bought vape, and usually always better. Buy a heat gun with a digital temp guage, mine was a wagner I got at Lowe's for 40 bux. Then buy a chillum and some screens. Screen the chillum and buy some tubing. I took my chillum the the store with me to make sure the tube was the right size. Then basically set you heat gun temp to about 350-400 f and connect the chillum to the tube and hold it in front of the hot air and inhale. Best vape I've ever hit, and it cost about 50 bux total.
  7. I love my Vapor Brothers vaporizer. It has really helped me with my pain and nausea.

    I also have a VooDoo vaporizer, and a couple Ubie's.

    I am more partial to the whip based units, however. :)
  8. .
  9. I have to agree with Lexus on that one. It's the safest and easiest to use. You just turn a dial and flip a switch and watch the bag fill with vapor. I had one for about 1 1/2 months then somebody stole it. It was the most amazing 1 1/2 months of my smoking career. Actually, I plan to get another one in the next few weeks. You can find them online for 429 through "special offers" on certain sites, that's where I got mine. It's worth every penny!:hello:
  10. actully it's not...

    any cano the balls take it apart

    it's garbage compared to diy projects

    hell I'd take a swiss made heatgun over a shitty german made cano based on the simple fact that the cano is 550 bucks w/ shipping and it doesn't even have a god damn temp readout much less varible fan speed and the ability to bong bag and hookah vaporize ALL things from herb to salvia right down to freebasing at the exact flash point so you waste nothing

    fuck that overhyped piece of half a grand shit... I'll take my ceramic cored heatgun glass bowl 'n bong combo for under 300 thanks..
  11. How loud would you say a DIY heatgun setup is compared to a vapor bros. (et al) ?
  12. can't speak for every heatgun but the steinel model I own has a rheostat on the fan making it's control very fine

    it can go from a volcano like quiet hum filling a vapor bag to a full on torrent (oddly way quieter then an actual hairdryer) for dense bong rips

    on low it's about as quiet as a fishtank pump on high loud enough to almost drown out the tv or whatever

    the best option for silence is bong heatgun or bag heatgun on slow

    on the bong side all you need to do is start it up at around 500-600 degrees let it heat for a few seconds shut it down and start inhaling manually

    now its a hookah like coal of sorts and reheats only take a few seconds on low
  13. Ars and i were just talkin about some good DIY setups recently.

    The gun i was looking into has an LED temp readout and has a variable temp that goes in 10 degree increments. it ran just shy of 200 bucks.

    Cost really depends on your setup.

    You can get a bowl specifically made to house the tip of a heatgun, that plugs directly into your bong and be done w/ it. Water filtered vapo :)

    You could fabricate a whip out of a chillum and home depot clear tubing. Buy a reducer tip for the heatgun and voila, you have a box/whip vaporizer.

    with a top of the line gun, your setup probably would be somewhere in the range of 250-300 depending on what your preferences are.

    If noise is an issue... paper thin walls or whatnot,
    The 3g is completely silent, since theres no moving parts. I also think the learning curve is a bit easier w/ the 3g as opposed to a heatgun setup.

  14. Actually my favorite part about the Vapor Bro's is the fact it's totally silent. All the heat rod based, whip-style vapes are silent. Like the colonel said, no moving parts. :D

    Heatguns are loud- the biggest drawback to them is the noise.

    To the OP, I've heard bad things about Vapir Vaporizers man. I'm not totally sure if you should get either one.

    The VooDoo is the same type of system and it's nothing compared to a whip-style vape or heatgun setup.

    The Volcano is a good vaporizer, it's just overpriced- just like the steinel heat guns. I agree with the comment that Steinel is a much higher quality product than the Volcano however.

    Personally the whip style vapes are great for tasting dro and having a relaxing solo session. Late at night and early in the morning it would be much better than a heat gun because of the noise issue. I hate the annoying-ass heat gun in the morning LOL

    The heat gun is like, well, a bong rip of vapor. It's the strongest and most concentrated vapor gets. You kinda scorch the material for denser bong rips but the benzene gas that is produced at around the temp for combustion is mostly filtered out by the water. You can turn the heat down, but I prefer to use a whip-style vape for pure vaporization. The heat gun+bong combo is for getting a bigger hit in my opinion.

    I have a Wagner heatgun I picked up at Lowes for $40, and a vaporizer slide I got from a local headshop cost $40 as well. I wanted a Steinel, but decided I could wait to get one. It's still digital and all that so it works like a charm.
  15. ^ ya can't skimp on the heatgun bro

    one of my buds picked up that gotvape kit local and while he liked it about as much as mine he still wants to swap the wagner heatgun

    I'd agree since I did notice it doesn't really adjust as fast if you say have herb slowly start building up during a hit on the screen to the point of slowing air enough to start it burning

    you'll get char in his unit (same vap bowls) while the craftsman (steinel actually) or steinel models with lcd readout never burn even at 410-420 on low

    some have taken to stripping heatguns down so it's just a tube element and rheostat

    you drop it in a bong with some lab beaker holding clamp on it and vola you got a ghetto 'hot glass' vapo

    personally the learning curve was harder with whip since upon inhaling the first time you realize the draw can be nothing like a joint cig or's totally alien for awhile while the heatgun was simple as fuck.. lol insert dial in temp wait for cloud of vapor to inhale
  16. Skimp on the heatgun?

    Like I said I'm planning on upgrading when I can, but it's not that big of a deal to me right now.

    I'm vaporizing now instead of waiting for a fancy gun that I can buy with some tax return money or something later and have a heat gun now.

    I could understand saying that if I wasn't planning on the new gun, but damn I'm going to have a left-over heat gun when I buy a new one. How is that skimping? LOL

    I agree with the whip-style vapes having a learning curve; people always ask questions on how to use them when they first buy one.

    But I must say I haven't seen many people pick up my heatgun and bong and hit it right the first time. Usually they don't get that it takes much longer to get a hit, or they can't inhale for long enough. Also people are kinda rough with putting the gun up to the glass slide sometimes; but nobody has broke it yet.
  17. having a volcano is like owning a private jet...

    everthing else is like a car...

    THe volcano is of ultimate luxury...

    it makes marijuana everything that it should be.....

    when i use a volcano is it like drinking wine... I sip on my herbs from the bag... no rush... just rest and relaxation as i get nearly 100% thc from my herbs and nothing else.
  18. ^Damn man, you should sponsor the Volcano! After reading that- even I want to buy one! :D

    Seriously though I really want to try a Volcano first-hand. I've tried a bag-system before (a VooDoo) and it wasn't to my liking. However everyone I've talked to says the Volcano is much different.

    I think this Christmas my brother is going to get a Volcano and I'll be getting a SuperVapezilla. Then I'll be able to truly evaluate the best of the best of both areas.
  19. Dude it's a ripoff just like roor

    you sound like the type of moron who would buy blose audio gear cuz the purdy pictures in time tell you it's what all the rich people use

    roor is just glass the volcano costs around 50 bucks to produce give or take and bose audio used paper cones and foam surrounds... yeah I'll pass as a 'rich person' and go buy some quality gear

    420 - You'll see what I mean lol the wagner is a bit too cheap esp. when the price is healthy lungs

    it's about how the heatgun handles drastic changes in air movement thats all the better ones have temp control in all cases including that so any project turns out good from welding with plastic to vapping herbs (not with the same heatgun! lol)

    PM me if you wanna discuss vap designs or whatever :)

  20. Oh I know I'll see what you mean man! I can't wait to own a top-of-the-line Steinel heat gun! It's just right now, the Wagner will have to do. :D

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