Vaporizer Being Funky? Only Works When On Max.

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  1. Howdy all, just joined and trying to find some info on my Buddha Vape! (Sorry if that sort of join-and-ask-a-question is frowned upon. I'm the only one of my circle of smoking buddies who actually went ahead and dropped the cash on a vaporizer.)
    Anyway's, we've had Da Buddha for almost a month now, use it quite regularly in the afternoons and scantly in the morning, but lately it's been having trouble staying on. Normally we turn it up to full, and let it heat up for about 5 minutes before turning it down half way to our smoking level. Lately though, it heats up fine but when we turn it down to our usual level the thing powers down and cools. It does this on and off, but for the last two times we used it the Vape would only stay on when full blast.
    I'm not good with...electrical things. I dont even touch the thing for fear of breaking it. So obviously, I have no clue what to do with or about this lol! Any seasoned Buddhists know what this could mean or how it could be fixed?

  2. Is it a digital circuit or analog? Do you press buttons to change the heat or a knob?
  3. He said its the DBV for Christs sake.
    Does the heating element still glow red at all? Do you have any kind of outside source like a fan blowing on the vape?
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    Wow why don't you calm down a little. I took two years of schooling for electronics engineering. I was trying to help out.

    Edit: it's probably the control pot on the front that is screwed. They sometimes fail with use. Most likely the resistor inside the pot blew which would turn it into a switch. So if you're brave and knowledgable order in a new pot and fix it or send it in for repairs.

    Edit 2: rereading your post I'm almost certain it's your potentiometer.
  5. 2 years of school and you dont know how to use google to look up what something is. I mean its not like he didnt drop the name of it multiple times in his first post.
    If its only a month old it should be under warranty. I wouldnt go tearing in to one unless you had some kind of experience with electronics.
  6. So sue me I'm a lazy prick when I'm high. Thanks bro for repeating everything I just posted.
  7. I would rather sue you for being a defensive douche bag. You name dropped a few common electronic components, and told him if he was brave to try fixing it. Basically you gave him worthless information and you are too lazy to even google search "Da Buddha vaporizer". Laziness is no excuse for ignorance.
  8. This is pretty good fun we should keep going at it! :)
    I dropped a few common electrical component names cause there's not that many uncommon electrical components to start with. It's basically a heater coil with a knob that controls how much power is fed to it.

    I wouldn't say it was worthless info I gave a probable diagnosis to the problem and two solutions. Send it in for repairs or fix it himself. What do you suggest he does besides those tow?

    You and me can argue all day but it won't fix his vape.
  9. You didnt even know what vape he was talking about yet you are trying to act like you would know how to fix it :laughing:
    Im sorry you got so defensive because of the ignorance you displayed your first post in this thread.
  10. I love side tracking XD. Make peace!
    Ookay, to answer some stuff yeah it's a knob.
    It does glow red when it's on high, and for some strange reason today it stayed hot (glowing) even when we turned it down. This seems to be happening on and off. Most of the time though we end up having to keep it on high now because otherwise it will fade, color goes, and it cools. No we dont have a fan or anything blowing on it, but we do use it right next to a window. (Window is always closed, but a draft gets in, and we have a blanket over it).
    As for being electronically inclined, no I certainly am not! (I'm also a she btw ^^) My boyfriend isn't either. So if anything I'd rather find the paperwork and see if it's still under warranty (which I guess it would be?). Part of me was hoping it would be something really simple, but tinkering with it voids the warranty heh.
    What could have caused this to start happening though? Just so we dont have a repeat.

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