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Vaporizer are they worth it

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mobious_1, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. If you smoke alot. and on a regular basis. then yeah why not. Have you ever smoked out of a vaporizor? there fun!
  2. They are worth it if only if you buy a good quality vape. Which will cost you anywhere from 160 for a Da Buddah to 600 for a digital volcano.
    I have a Silver Surfer and I love it. I'm saving my lungs, conserving ganja, and the taste is so pure!
  3. Seasoned Tokers already know a vaporizer is worth the price.

  4. not if they dont enjoy the vape :)

    ive hit a lot of vapes, mainly volcanoes, and i have to say i just prefer smoking the bud as to vaping it.

    but id say for the majority of people, vapes are worth it.
  5. I used to think that bongs were better than vapes, but ever since my roommate got a vape I've been recommending them to everyone. If you smoke only vapes for a good period of time you will become dependent on them. I now divide my life into 2 eras; before the vape and after the vape (not even a joke).
  6. yo who knows how good the vapor pipe is
  7. It all comes down to personal preference. I've owned vaporizers since they were first introduced, but I rarely use them except as a novelty when friends are over. To me, nothing compares to smoking a fat joint of some kind bud. I hear the point being made about conservation, but I grow way more than I can smoke so that doesn't apply to me. Now as far as being easier on the lungs, well that part is obviously true. The bud is vaporized at a lower temperature, so there is a drastic reduction in carcinogens. If i were you, I'd definitely buy it. If you don't like it, sell it to one of your friends.
  8. No.

    If you want to waste money go ahead. All a vaporizer does is the same principle of a hot knife. Its cheaper just to use a hot knife.

    Bong hits will fuck you up more than vape. I have been smoking 5 years and have been extremely open minded about all smoking methods, however not all methods are equal. After using everything for about 5 years I've made the discovery that bongs are the weapon of choice when you want to get FUCKED.
  9. Not all people like to get "FUCKED" when they smoke.

    I personally love my vape bros vaporizer because i never get the intoxicating effect that comes along with combustion. Some people like it but i personally prefer to vape and the taste is SOOOOOOOOOOOO goood :smoke:
  10. i like 2 get fucked up when i blaze
  11. Vaporizer is worth it.

    I've saved hundreds of dollars on mine compared to what I would have spent smoke. Saved much more than the price of the vape.
  12. worth it
  13. they are absolutely worth investing in. You'll save tons of bud, and it tastes so much better.
  14. That's like saying, "Is weed worth smoking?"! :smoke:

  15. dude if you want a vapor pipe then get a vaporgenie. I bought one a year ago and i've been using it consistently without and problems. i vaped a vaporgenie bowl of haze 2 hours ago an i stillbeing smashed in the face.

    the vapor smell allows me take one hit,all you need for a lift, before goin to class and not have anyone know i blazed but it also makes virology that much more mind stimulating.

    ohh and they cost $50 and then send you free screen replacements and tips if you request some via their website. hahaaaa "via":smoke:
  16. I've smoked weed for about 37 years. I should say I USED to smoke weed.

    Vaporizers, when you do it right...holy shit, is all I can say.

    I have 150 buck whip vaporizer, an iInhale, and a Vapir1. I will be buying a Volcano next, for sure.

    They are amazing, man. But it's like doesn't take doing it too much off of "Right" to have it be not so good, for sure.

    But when you get it right, they can definitely deliver.

    I love em.

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