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  1. hi there,

    i hesitated before posting a new topic for my question, but i also didn't want to pollute other topics. anyway, you are free to delete the thread if i violated any rules.

    i'm considering buying a small vaporizer. i do gravity bong mostly since it doesn't smell as pungent as burnt joint (i live in an apartment, so neighbors are an issue). however, using gravity bong is getting tiresome and i find myself wanting to just lie down and relax while i'm smoking. vaporizers seem like they can make my life significantly easier.

    i did a quick google search and read some articles, but i still don't know much about vaporizers. which one do you think i should i buy? any unrelated suggestions?

    oh, and the catch is: i don't live in the united states, so i have to find a company that ships to europe.

  2. Where about in europe?
    Iv certainly bought from UK based distributors before. I imagine theyd ship to the rest of europe.
    depending where you are other places could be closer.
  3. What vapes did you buy from these distributors and can you give some links?
    Hugely appreciative,
  4. Thank you, Wilflet. Namaste was the one I was leaning towards. To hear you successfully received an order from them is reassuring. Will order mine today. Brilliant. Happy Hols!
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