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  1. So, i need to get my old man a vaporizer for his birthday next month and i dont know much about them.

    I was wondering if the portable ones are any good, cos i dont wanna spend shit loads on one. Ive seen the volcano ones which look good but are kinda pricey.
    Any recommendations for one which is good but not too expensive?

    Thanks, Super Stoned. :D
  2. well i have a iolite. personally i frickin love the thing. i would recomend it to anyone. i also have heard lots of good things about the magic flight launch box.
  3. lol dude the iolites like £100+ and the magic flight launch box £80. you know much about the portable one, i think its called sneak a vape.
  4. This.
  5. Personal Portable---LaunchBox
    Party Portable-------Iolite
    Personal Super Efficient Home Vape------Purple Days or Myrtlezap
    Personal Super Rich Lung Ripper Home Vape---Da Buddha or Silver Surfer
    Party Home Vape------Zephyr Ion or Volcano
    Jack of all trades, master at none vape-----Extreme Q or HerbalAire
  6. More...

    Personal Portable---MFLB
    Party Portable-------Iolite, Vapir N20
    Personal Super Efficient Home Vape------Woodeez or Myrtlezap
    "Whip Vape" - Da Buddha, Silver Surfer, Vapor Brothers
    Party Home Vape------ VapeXhale, The oracle, Volcano, Zephyr Ion
    Jack of all trades, master at none vape-----Extreme Q, The Oracle
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    I take issue with some of these additions.

    One, is that the VapeXhale Cloud isn't even available yet. Secondly, the Oracle is basically still in beta and is so new, that there is no track record yet to vouch for not only how good it is, but it's reliability.

    And as far as the Vapir No2, there are numerous reports of this vape giving off a very toxic plasticy taste. I can post up a thread if you wish.

    And regarding the VaporBros, while it's a good vape, I can post up reasons why the Buddha and the SSV would be a better choice, from the angle of the heating element to the fact that with the VB, the airpath begins right under the vape, so you are sucking in whatever is on the surface that the VB is sitting on. Not so with either the DBV or the SSV.

    And when you state that the Oracle is a jack of all trades and a master of none, how in the hell can you state that being that there are no reviews in yet on this product?

    However, both the VapeExhale Cloud and the Oracle look to be interesting vapes and for those that may be interested, check out the following threads:

    VapeXhale Cloud - Welcome to the Planet of the (V)apes (Page 1) / Vaporizer Discussion / FC - Vaporizer Reviews
    The Oracle Vaporizer (Page 1) / Vaporizer Discussion / FC - Vaporizer Reviews

    I do suggest, though, to wait a bit and let the reviews come in before jumping on any vape that has not really been field tested yet, ESPECIALLY if one is buying it as a gift, such as what the OP is doing.

    It is for the above reasons that I left these vapes off of my original post.
  8. ^^^^just stating my opinion on the best vapes. no need for a wall of text they can find info on all the vapes at
  9. Portable? Id say Vaporgenie, or MFLB.

    Home vapes? Cheap? Vaporbros. Myrtlezap.

    Too lazy to continue.

  10. She asked here. Not on FC.

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