Vaporizer - A Healthier Alternative to Smoking!

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  1. I would like to inform everyone of a new company that makes quality convection vaporizers.

    The INAVAP has a superior design to the eterra and aromazap. The quality of the INAVAP is also superior. Each INAVAP unit is hand made.

    For those who do not know what convection is I will explain breifly. For more in-depth information see;

    Convection is the alternative to conduction in vaporizer technology. Conduction is the process of heating plant material inside of a dome, creating vapor and filling the dome. A user would then inhale the vapor through a long plastic hose. In contrast, convection is much more efficient because the herb is only heated when a user draws warm air through it's contents. The vapor will not condense and evaporate before inhaled. Convection is newer than conduction. Convection vaporizers have the same effect as smoking!

    The INAVAP works by inserting herb inside of the wooden stem and attaching the stem to the base unit. A user would then draw air through the unit directly inhaling the vapors as they are produced.

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