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  1. I had a bunch of vaped weed left over and got bored so I put it in a medicine bottle then poured some e- cig juice in it for flavor and I just think nicotine delivers an extra buzz or rush of some sort especially with weed but like I was saying I out some skyy vodka in it, only a few drops at a time. After it soaked it I smashed tell fuck out of it with the back of a screw driver handle for about a minute then probably 5 minutes later I did the same thing the. Set it in a glass perculator on top of a lava lamp light (Some people do weird shit when they're high) and let it set there for a good 4 hours then took it off and let it set a good 20 hours with the lid off and I didn't strain it or anything lol I was just messing around but I gotta say this stuff gets me higher than regular bud. Good bud too. Plus it looks like shit! :) ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1403926213.106135.jpg

  2. That looks like food from County.

    That shit looks nasty af

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  3. Yes Sir
  4. I said it looked like shit

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    it was vaporized, so it's been decarbed, why not cook with it? and why the fuck did you add vodka? Distilled potatoes and vaped hash don't go together... what where you thinking? You basically made ethyl hash that didn't get strained out of vaped weed. just throw it away.

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