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Vaporization Temp for Kief???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by VTjay79, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. Anyone have any good ideas?

    I've owned a volcano for 6 years and just last week I sold I could buy the digit! Man is that one slick vaporizer.

    I can't tell you how many times I passed out and left that thing on all night long...well the new one turns off automatically after 30 min...pretty sweet...

    but neither here nor there...I know THC is around 360 - 365, but I read on other forums that lower temperatures are better...but I could not find an exact temperature.

    Just curious if anyone knows if it should stay the same, or go slightly lower?
  2. I'd like to know too
  3. 300-325 dgrs is what I use normally for kief. depending on how dense the kief is I might notch it up to 330-350 dgrs.

    Hope I could help.
  4. I can only go by my own experiences, but keif just doesn't vape well for me. I've found it isn't fluffy enough to get a good airflow around the crystals. But my thinking would be to effectively vaporize the keif a lower temperature would be necessary. Keif is mainly thc if I'm correct and the thc is boiled before the cbd. That's why if you vape at a lower temp you'll get a more heady uplifting high, but crank that baby to 400F and you'll be stuck to your couch in 5 minutes.

    Best suggestion. Just experiment. start out at about 356F and just work your way up. But I'm guessing you'll get the best hits early on.
  5. I do 340-350F
  6. Thank you all! I will start lower and build up as suggested.

    Its funny that when I had the dial, I didn't really i'm trying to be all scientific with it!
  7. stick some nug in there with the kief to help air flow, or else the kief will get all melted in your screen
  8. Are we talking home made pressed hash (keif) or are we talking just straight keif.

    if its straight kief to no stick it in the vaporizer, but green in first and then keif.
    The kief will react like your making hash otherwise and turn out sticky, like hash on your vap screen.

    for hash just put a nice size junk in and enjoy for hours, and I mean hours...
  9. for degrees wise.

    Green = 325 - 355
    Green/keif = 315- 340
    Hash = 310 - 365 depending on dampness

  10. This is pretty much spot on. It is always good to start low and work your way up, even if your familiar with your vape.... I usally start at around 320/330 and work up to 360. This lets you work it in layers and it gets richer and richer.

    All that said, I'm not using a volcano (just a bit too pricey!)
  11. damn, you guys vape @ high levels. I vape below 300* on my solo when I first start and end at its highest setting.
  12. The one time I vaped straight kief I started at ~360F and moved my way up to ~375F.... I'm fairly sure I made it to Mars.
  13. i usualy jus vape keif or hash in my volcano at 370ish with green first. but il try lower
  14. My usual temps for bud alone are 377- 380 -387 -395 lol same with kief
  15. Why vape it? It is already almost entirely trichomes. I would grab 2 or 3 screens and go to town on single hits of straight kief.
  16. My SSV is hard to gauge in temps without it being digital
    and my solo temperatures jump from 122-365 degrees :( 
    oh well the kief is still great
    I vape at 230C (446 F). As close as it gets to a bong hit or a joint. Love it.
  18. I have the mighty and I don't get any vape below 350 thats with flower or keif. At 385 to 410 is when I get the best vape and more of a buzz. But I have a very high tolerance so it takes a lot to get me where I need to be for as controlling my neuropathy.

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