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  1. So i bought a Vaporite Solo and it came with a free keif grinder that works really well. I got all of it for 60$ including shipping. PM me if you wanna know the website I got this from but i dont want to cheapen the review by plugging for a website or whatever. Im high so just click on the damn pictures they are big.:smoking: And before you go trashing the bud on there just keep in mind i got it for 50 an O

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  2. Chinese vaporizers are extremely unreliable and most break down after a couple weeks of use. Plus, some chinese vaporizers have been found to contain toxic materials in them.

    But, don't you love that high?
  3. ack Chinese vaporizers...

    I would DEFF be careful that you're not inhaling anything other than herb....
  4. Jesus Christ that's harsh. I've had it two months no breakdown. And I'd take the stuff about toxins that you find on the "safe" vaporizers websites with a grain of salt. It's still propaganda even if it is from the "good" guys(look at the war on drugs). I took it apart and checked to confirm that it truly has a ceramic heater. And with a small modification it now has a clear vapor path so I saved 90$ on something that does the job equally as well. I didn't start this thread to start a hatefest so please don't hate
  5. Not hating at all, just forwarding stuff of what I've read around this forum. Honestly the Vaporite Solo might be a good vaporizer, I would just be extra careful and check regularly if anything else is getting vaporized other than herb. Nothing wrong than being too careful right? :wave:
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    Sounds nice man I need to pick up a vape real bad. and 50 for an O what a deal :)

    Enjoy brother.

    oh and the free 4pc grinder, that is awesome that they gave you that.
  7. Damn bro. Nice vaporizer. How does it hit?

    +rep on the cheap price. =]
  8. It gives me steamy thick hits off of bearly any weed like what I would call 1/2 of a bowl in my pipe. It's an awesome pickup.
  9. Well, you already bought it, so no need to give any opinions on it here, but I do have a suggestion. Digital temp displays have issues when they are put into something that is designed to generate heat like vaporizers. Even on a 600 dollar Volcano, the manufacturer cuts the warranty on the Digital 'Cano's by one year. So you can imagine the reliability of a digital display on an inexpensive unit like the Vaporite, so............don't assume that those numbers are accurate. And the longer you have the vape, the more wildly the temperatures will fluctuate. You could take 2 Vaporites, set them both at the same temp via the display, but the actual temps will not be the same.

    So use the color of your spent bud to give you feedback as to the correct vape temp and don't use the digital display other than as a nite light.
  10. Vaporites are good for the money, my stepdad had one (It broke after about 6 months of daily use)

    You got a pretty nice deal, the one my stepdad got wasn't digital, and still costed $58 from a headshop in Milwaukee. AND you got a nice grinder with it.
  11. So far it's been relatively accurate as far as the temp goes judging by the burnt popcorn taste kicking in at about 380 but I still check the color and will continue to do so. Thanks for that input my next purchase will be a buddah or a herbalaire whenever I either have money to burn or this one goes out. I still think you can't beat the price.
  12. What do u set ur temp too, and how much do u pack the bowl?
  13. o also how did u mod it? cause i just got the same one and i want to make sure im using it right
  14. I set it for 365 then after three rounds of restirring the bowl I bump the temp to 375. I'm using enough to cover the screen as thinly as possible and I'd personally compare it to the high of nearly a bowl in a pipe. I'll put something about the mod up later but it'll void your 90 day warantee so I'd just wait personally
  15. I got mine off ebay, so idc, and also how long do u wait before dragging? do u like turn it on pack it, then wait?
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    Yes usually I turn it on go do something else for a couple minutes like get food from the kitchen and when I come back the light will be off... About the mod is nothing specific but you take off the bottom cover unscrew the microchip and fasten a peice of metal or wood with finishing nails or screws so it will isolate the back of the heater from the electronics but leave a small gap for wiring then you have to drill holes in the sloped area of the top to create a new air intake. Reattach the microchip and put on the bottom cover. I'm kinda good with fabrications and stuff so I don't nessisarily recommend others doing it because it could easily leave you with a nice wooden box that doesn't do a whole hell of a lot other than say vaporite. And for any fanboys that come along I know that the (insert name here) vaporizer is built with an isolated vapor path.

  17. So the question is, hubbly, knowing what you know about the vapor path, would you have STILL purchased this unit if you couldn't make these mods?
  18. China has the strongest manufacturing economy in the history of the world.

    it just wouldnt work if everything produced in china was toxic.
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    Of course not EVERYTHING that is produced in China is toxic, but being that they had no problem in painting baby toys that they export with lead based paint, knowing full well that baby's suck on their toys, there is a very good reason to be a bit skeptic of these cheap Chinese knockoff vapes.
  20. In a short answer yes as a poor college student not ready to part with 150. 1st of all microchips are meant to get hot so after letting it sit turned on and ventilate for a few minutes before the first use I would be realatively sure that the microchip will emit only the tracest of anything harmful. Adults are not nearly as suseptable to lead as children and we all ingest and inhale traces of lead in our daily lives. I do not belive that the possibility of traces of lead should be a deterrent from this affordable way to stop yourself from inhaling the crude combustion products of a plant flower. I think the potential is greater that fertilizer and pestiside traces in bud are abigger threat than the microchip. Even a volcano cannot prodect you from this. And unless you buy from a despensiary or grow yourself don't think you are immune from pesticide and fertilizer traces. Sorry for the ramble.

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