Vaporite: Is this a ceramic heating element ? [pictures]

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by svrx2, Nov 25, 2011.

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    Some days ago I bought and took apart a Vaporite solo digital vaporizer and I found that maybe they are not using ceramic heating elements on their units as they do affirm.


    I see that the heating element is made of metal. Well, maybe the ceramic element is inside of the metal ? what kind of metal is it ? is it safe to inhale ? Please! I need more knowledge about this thing.


    Click here to see all the pictures.
  2. Update: I got the next email from vaporite support.

    Hi,we understand your concern.out heating element is ceramic inside stainless outside . Which is totally safe and increases life of heating rod.
    We have all kinds of product analysis and quality certification.we can provide you RoHs certificate that would tell you that there are no heavy metals in it.
    U don't have to worry about anything.
    This is the best quality heating rod that can be used in a vaporizer.
    Open the metal part if u want to see is made this way to sustain more heat and make it more accurate.
    We stand behind our product
    Feel free to ask any questions.
    Vaporite 24 hour customer service.

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