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Vaporising my herbal...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tr3-0, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. OK to start off i know why their good, all the benifets what not, but
    what actually happens in my chamber?

    To elaborate im talkin on does the kill need to acually be touching the ceramic element of can it be stuck to the screen (not touching the element at all) and still do it's job?
  2. the herb is not supposed to touch the heating element or else it would burn i would think. it should stay on the screen
  3. Bump>>>>>
  4. Im high as fuck so sorry if i dont make sense.
    I'll use my Volcano vapo as an example.

    The way it works, is you have your element, which is heated to a certain temperature. The element is enclosed.
    Now you take your weed and place it inside the holder, which will sit ontop of the element with a screen keeping it above the element.
    Then the hot air from the element is blown into the holder chamber and in turn it transforms THC into vapors which you then inhale from a bag that has become filled with the marvelous mist.

    hope that helped.
  5. Are these vaporizers really good ive been hearing good things but they seem a bit pricey.
  6. Anyone will tell you that the Volcano Vaporizer is well worth its investment. If you have the chance to set aside you money to purchase one, then do it. It will pay for itself.
  7. maybe i can elaborate on what yourhighness said.

    when you burn weed it undergoes combustion, the weed reached a point where the plant matter breaks down and all of the organic matter is destroyed. when this happens the inorganic matter, the chemicals, are also released and because they are a lot more resistant to heat they remain intact or active within the smoke. the thc enters the smoke rather than staying in the ash because when heated it turns from a solid into a gas, like if you were to heat water it would evaporate, and is released into the air. unfortunately the result of combustion is the release of some toxic chemicals which occur only when the organic material is destroyed, TAR and particulate matter are also released and these arent any better. the vaporizer works because the tempature at which the thc "melts" then "evaporates" is lower than the trmpature at which the plant material begins to combust. by blowing hot air of a tempature between these two points over the weed you extract all the "benifits" without all the drags of smoke!

    hope that helps

    oh and i dont know how your vape works but if the weed ends up black then you're doing it wrong otherwise its all good!
  8. Quoted for truth - VOlcanos ROCK. I highly recommend the investment. Your lungs will thank you with several extra years of life.
  9. Let me remind you guys there are also a lot of other Vaporizers which are just as good, or even better than the Volcano in some aspects.
  10. #10 normlize, Dec 4, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 4, 2008
    +1 for the volcano... By far the best I've used! Those who disagree most assuredly either haven't used one extensively or are vehemently againt the bags (or the cost) but the quality can't be beat!
  11. Ehhh, ya'll still kinda missed me man. But it's whatever fuck it.
    But anyways im high, and just fixed my broken bong "The Grinch" theres' a thread about it here somewhere.... somethin like SanAntonio Glass blowers

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