Vaporising Cannabis - Strange Question

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Luxor, May 20, 2014.

  1. Hello there!
    I have quite strange question for you today.
    I have a vapouriser and I have my method to make my e-juice. I use 80% VG and 20% water + some flavour.
    I have found it on the net somewhere and it has worked quite well. Now, the question is: Could I put some of my buds in a glass, pour boiled water in there, put a plate over it and wait for it to cool down? I mean would it have any effect? I am not interested in a very potent effect, just something I will notice with a pleasure. I am interested in a CBD effect, not THC so would it work too? Could I extract CBD from it?

    I am going to use this "CBD Water" as the 20% water in the e-juice. So it will be 80% VG + 20% "CBD Water" (ratio 1:4). I have no idea how to put it in there differently without a disaster. Such as making hash oil.
    Thank you in advance, I know it might seem insane but it would make things MUCH easier for me.

  2. Can't extract cbd specifically, you'd need to have a high cbd strain and some advanced concentration methods to do that.

    And boiling weed won't do anything, weed is fat soluble.

    You can make a vg/pg tincture for weed though, pretty sure any heated method can make it much less efficient, you'd have to do a months of a soak.

    Check out gc for tincture tutorials. Badkittysmiles had a well done tutorial here awhile ago, I'd look into that.

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