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  1. As a long time grower I have access to the best, that however means I used to smoke a lot. Now I vaporise. It really works, they say better than smoking. Anyhow enough to know it works well for me. I required a portable, I bought the new IInhale but it stopped working after 2 months. so now I bought the Purple days, which is real strong. check out the you tube pressure tests. This is not spam, simply a disappointed user who would like to warn others and recomend/receive good vaps.

    So anyone got their favourites? :wave:
  2. I love my vapir 2. I have heard some complaints about them but I have not had a single problem in over a year of use.
  3. I had the vapir 1, when it broke they replaced it with loads of freebies! now thats the way to do it eh? the IInhale guy just voided the warranty!
  4. I had a Vapir ONE for about 3 years and just recently upgraded to the Volcano Classic (Easy Valve). I've used a lot of vapes in my day and the Volcano can't be beat.
  5. yeah the volcano, gotta be the king of vapes. For me however I need portability, I fly every couple of months and need one that can travel with me, which is why I went for the II and then the PD after the II broke. Shame cos it was great up till then.:mad:

    Ive heard good reports of the Silver surfer too.:smoking:

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