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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DreamCalledLife, May 14, 2010.

  1. I just smoked a bowl probably no larger than the size of my thumbnail, a bowl of quality which wouldn't have exceeded that of mids or regs, belonging to a vaporgenie


    And now I am super blazed :hello:.

    Probably a few more hits, I only took 3 or 4.

    I did it right in my living room, which I cannot smoke in.

    But vapor is clean!
  2. Yes they work very well once you get the hang of it.
  3. Agreed.

    Love 'em.
  4. Thumbnail, whuuuuuuuuut. Mad small.
  5. You don't need much at all with a vaporizer. It's many times more efficient than smoking.
  6. What do you need to put in there..? Is there a wicked small heater in there that vapes it haha?

  7. The VaporGenie is not really a pipe per se. It's a small portable vaporizer but you use a lighter to heat the ceramic heating element rather than using electricity like most vapes.

    A vaporizer gently heads the bud so it releases all the good stuff without producing lots of harmful smoke. It's far more efficient because it doesn't destroy half the cannabinoids like other means of smoking do.
  8. you use it just like a pipe? Or is there some other place you put the weed and light it?

  9. That sounds sick, how much is it? And do you vape or smoke OSG?
  10. Google it. I think they are around $50-$60 but that's more than worth it.

    I smoke, vape, eat, and drink cannabis at various points of time. Honestly I smoke mostly, followed closely by vaping. My wife and I enjoy edibles from time to time (very different high) as well as some Green Dragon, which is alcohol that has had cannabinoids extracted into it. I tend to flavor mine. The latest batch was flavored with honey and a bit of almond extract.

  11. Damn i've been wanting to get into vaping for awhile now and thats not too expensive, and it sounds like you got a nice set of options for how you wanna get high:)
  12. anyone care to post links to videos demonstrating its use? I've always been somewhat skeptical of these vaporizing devices that claim that all you need to do is apply lighter flame (or something stronger? geez) to elements near the bowl and you vaporize the herb... long-time vaporizer user, and I'm fine with devices like the volcano and globe vapes... just been skeptical of these other ones.
  13. Plenty of people use a VaporGenie, it works.. There's just a bit of a learning curve.

    [ame=]YouTube - Azarius TV: Vaporgenie Portable Vaporizer[/ame]

    If you know how to use it properly, you'll get vapor, not smoke.. and of course the exhaled vapor won't smell like combusted weed.
  14. The VG was my very first vape. Great intro in the world of vaping. Like others have said, a bit of a learning curve, but by your second bowl, you should have it down pat. You can get HUGE vapor clouds out of a Genie.
  15. Yeah, I have never used a vape before.
    I was debating between the vaporgenie and magic flight, but now I'm more then likely getting a magic flight just because it's a pretty damn cool little gadget and because of the warranty. The vaporgenie is perfect for those who want a cheap vaporizer they can use anywhere, and don't want to deal with electronics and batteries.
  16. Ive had one for awhile. For the price its a great vape once you get it down.
  17. yeah actually some headshops in my town are selling whip model vaporizers for $36-$50, no joke, it's quite a bargain. But, my favorite vaporizer, not including the higher end models like the iolite and the volcano, would have to be globe dome models. I've witnessed in the past two years a moratorium on carrying those models and its a tragedy. No matter what some headshop employees tell you (probably paid to do so, pushing their current stock of technologies, which have been paid by companies to be there) the dome models are so awesome. I really want to get another one, myself, I've only found one supplier on the internet, or that is to say, one model that's being sold at multiple locations. If I ever find somewhere to really get one... oh man. When the vapour fills the dome after minutes and you suck it, its a taste experience. They're usually around $80-$100. I always thought they would get cheaper, if they were around. But hey... maybe I might someday... SWIM, or somebody, revive the dome movement.
  18. got one. for the price you can't really go wrong with it. it is exactly what it claims to be, a portable vap. although it takes sometime to get used to lighting it at the exact height while sucking in just enough to get a nice rip, you'll be taking huge tokes in no time!
  19. Yeah, if you like Chinese made pieces of junk that could be made with toxic materials, has fluctuating temp controllers and displays and don't come with a warranty.

    Revive the dome movement? LOL.
    Hey, I've got a better one. How 'bout, "Back to mono."
  20. #20 douchebag5000, May 14, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 14, 2010
    Yeah I agree with your opinions about the foreign made pieces of junk, unaccountable. But, I have to disagree with your opinion of the globe convection vaporizers. Someday, I'll show you bitches. This is addressed to what prospective haters their might be, who might come along and declare themselves king of cannabis. Maybe SWIM will being manufacturing them myself. Whatever, if someone is gonna be a bigoted hater, they are entitled to have their opinion. Obviously since it seems few know a good thing--sometimes that's the way the majority is--i'll keep my mouth shut and let people like some people miss out on something actually useful. That, I stand by, with my honor. I've tried all manners of vaporizers and the effective, well maid convection globe model is awesome, hands down. But whoever can think whatever they want. Their loss. Maybe I'm crazy... probably....

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