Vaporgenie in Toronto

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  1. so guys i'm going to buy a vaporgenie this week but i'm just trying to shop around. the only place i can find that sells it is THC on yonge, and they sell it for round $79 plus tax. anyone know where else to get one locally for hopefully a better price? i can't order anything of the internet as i need the discretion so i can't have it shipped to my house and don't trust my friends lol.

    thanks guys
  2. Start calling some shops? Friendly stranger, cloud 9, jupiter grass, theres tons of shops dude.
  3. id try friendly stranger, they seem pretty well stocked in everything. or the guys there could tell you where/how to get one.
  4. i've checked those places, friendly stranger is the same price and the others are more by $10-15. thanks for the help though guys, if anyone happens to find something better, do share lol.
  5. lol i called a bunch of them today again, cloud 9 told me that it doesn't work nor does the magic flight launch box, i've only heard good things about them both, especially the MFLB, needless to say i won't be shopping there lol.

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