Vaporfection vs Vapezilla vs Digi-Volcano

Discussion in 'General' started by wahwah, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Which one should I get? I'm leaning towards the Vaporfection because of the all glass design. I having trouble finding any feedback with the vaporfections though.

  2. Damn... what happened to the days when you went to exxon, Gave dude $1.25 and got a honey dutch in return?

    Sorry bro. I'm just a blunt guy, and yes, pun intended. I would never think of spending the money some people do for glass, vaporizers, etc...

    But, I would suggest you go for the Digi-volcano. I've heard great things about it, and a friend of mine aquired one. It's pretty sweet, yeah.

    But paying $500, $600, and all that. It's ridiculous.

    I myself, would never spend more than $100 on glass. Maybe $200 if a really liked the thing.

  3. Who said those days were gone? Thanks for your insight.
  4. vapzilla is a piece of shit hocked by a scummy guy digi-cano is a too late update of an already shitty design donno bout the fection but if it's like any of the current market vapes it's probably low quality shit as well (none of them come close to the retail price in cost or quality with a select few being solid as fuck but still flawed 'n locked into the designs)

    do heatgun research 'n find one that suits your needs (any ceramic encapsulated themocouple varible temp model will do) then go lazy 'n grab a vrip bowl or a gotvape bowl or get cheap-ass anal 'n figure out what kinda normal gong/slide bowls will fit the reduction nozzle ya get with almost every thermocoupled heatgun (9mm at it's full taper with 12 and 14 and 19mm being harder to find seperate)

    long as you find a good heatgun the rest is all on you to perfect and anything from a simple water pipe to labware filtering flasks 'n other assorted homebrew will do ya

    if you want the cano vibe rig up a water filtered bag filling unit with oven bags flasks/jars/ect and whatever rubberbands 'n water bottle tops you can work out how you like for that cano mouthpiece look

    you'll end up with a rig that you can do almost anything vape wise with (salvia/bases/ect) for under 300 bucks and you'll be able to replace almost everything for cost if need be
  5. Waste of money? whatever. Vape a whole day and smoke blunts a whole day and telll me your body won't know the difference. think about 5 blunts a day that 6+ bucks just on paper.

    I think the vapezilla is like that guy said made by some dude his basement.
    the digit volcano i think is overkill , i got the classic and i change temps way too much to be holding down buttons.6
  6. Thanks for your responses, keep em coming.

    I'm not interested in juggling a bunch of glass and using an industrial heat gun.

    I bought one of these..


    Actually just got it in the mail today. Decided to keep it unopened so I can sell it. I don't want a cheap vape that can be possibly emitting more dangerous fumes than if I was smoking.

    A lot of people seem to be against the SV. Right now it's between a Volcano & the Vaporfection.

    Got any pics of what that would look like?
  7. what you grabbed seems to be like all the fogger knock-offs

    basically the fogger was designed by some guys using a small pottery klin as it's heat source

    thus the fancy temp control 'n the lcd readout

    they made said fogger which was of some pretty sweet quality then the douchebag known as wicketroots splits off while patients are being filed and comes out with the vapezilla on pre-order for god only knows how long as he hocks ad's and buys the shitty high times mag votes for best vape and follows that up with a shitty product

    once that shit took to the masses you started seeing knockoffs like the above (same as the vape bros/vape warez design got knocked off)

    point being all the current vapes are shit with almost all if not all being designed by stoners with no real technical talent 'n churned out in china for super cheap prices per gross (144 units)

    avoid them all (even the german made cano is shoddy for he 400+ price tag) and build your own if you wanna know what kinda shit your sucking into yer lungs lol

    no pics of such a rig as I broke mine down over a year ago in favor of a simple water pipe 9mm vape slide stinel heatgun combo

    it's pretty straightforward tho google 'filtering flask' and check out the cork stops you can buy with 'em

    stop gets opened up a bit to fit your 9 or 12mm downstem with a drill or by hand ya fit the sucker after soaking the cork in water then ya fit it to the flask and rubberband your oven bag rig on the vaccum nipple to fill bags (get creative 'n make a connect there outta cork or water bottle tops to fill more than one in a row)

    besides that a few bits of wood 'n a couple metal coathangers or stiff wire will produce a hands free fill by rigging up a step stoole of sorts with a hole for the heatgun head 'n the wire to hold the handle so it's all level with the flask/bowl combo under it

    one dude on OG avoided the flask and the vapor bowl by using a tabasco bottle with the ass cut off a run of metal tube and a big ass glass cookie jar with metal top and his own odd decoupling rig for the bag/mouth piece bit

    looked sick for being under 150 bucks in parts wish I saved those pics he put up....
  8. Sounds like the heat gun / bowl might be a good solution for some, but not for me! I don't want all that stuff laying around my house. I don't even have any bongs for that reason.

    Have you tried the Volcano before?

    This Digi-Vapor is not a good vape. The LCD readout is very inaccurate, and the settings don't work at all. Even if I set the temp. to 350 degrees F. it somehow creeps up to over 400 degrees. The worst part is the readout doesn't show the change in temp. until it's too late and you've already burnt your herbs!

    When it's at the right temp. (on those rare occasions) it does produce a nice thick vapor.
  9. yeah I owned a cano and I got sick as fuck of the chamber design the crinkly bags and the particles that made it into said bags

    props to S&B for taking the thing back through a local shops return but they took damn long to come up with a digital readout and the price on that is even higher than the original

    the heatgun deal is as smooth as you want it to be so unless ya aren't a diy type it'll kick ass if you are a diy god it'll be something you can have on any travel without rasing a single eyebrow

    I've been stopped with my whole rig (bags bowl 'n heatgun) and it wasn't even eyeballed as the whole rig can be spotless or assumed to be a tool of work trade
  10. I sent you a PM.
  11. Anyone on this forum use a aromed ?
  12. I bought a Vaporfection, I will let everyone know how it works. (Should be here by tues)

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